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Kratom effectiveness


I started using Kratom about 6 months ago, taking 2 grams about twice a week with excellent results. About 6 weeks ago, it seemed to stop working so I investigated and found that storage is crucial and mine was probably inadequate. So I threw it out and got some more which worked for a couple of doses but has now stopped again even though I am keeping it in the fridge in small airtight bags in a jar. Should I switch types? (I am taking red vein borneo) or increase the dose or switch to capsules? or all 3? It worked so well before and I am loath to increase the dose but any comments or suggestions would be very welcome.

Thank you.

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I found switching types of no use, but have heard so many claims of the green and white strains being good.

You likely have to up the dose a little I found I needed around 7.5g to keep me right after an increase about 6 or so months in.

The only reason to use capsules is to make it easier to swallow, if you can wash down the sludge there is no need for caps and it wont change anything really regarding digestion absorption.

Lenilatt in reply to raffs

thanks for the input - I'll increase the dose a bit first and if that doesn't have any effect I'll try another strain. It's been so nice these last 6 months having a decent sleep most nights and I can't bear the thought that it might be at an end!.

raffs in reply to Lenilatt

It shouldn't end.

I tried two or three types of green one white and three reds. I found no difference in any, (used different vendors) but stuck with the red as it is meant to be more sedating and effective for pain.

I think the dose is low and will do no harm in upping. Someone here used 1g several times a day whereas I went for the big hit in the evening, (it would keep me going til kids were in bed and I could have an hour or two with the good lady wife in peace but after midnight the legs would kick in again and, well you know the rest!

Lenilatt in reply to raffs

so what do you do after midnight? Do you not sleep or do you take another dose?

raffs in reply to Lenilatt

I paced the house and garden! I was using as little as possible so I could maintain a family life, (looking back should have opted for sleep). Any drug can be misused and using that rule I am always very careful when self medicating.

macewan13 in reply to raffs

Hello Raffs,

Do you have a recommended supplier for Red Borneo?

Involuntary dancer recommended a Dutch site but they don’t have Red Borneo - possibly a temporary situation but they don’t say and haven’t answered my mail.


For me it takes a lot more than 2g to make an impact. Like Raffs I need about 7g at a time and that only provides coverage for about 4 hours. I do find it becomes less effective when it has been stored for a while.

I have had a similar experience to Raffs in that I haven’t found much benefit to alternating strains.

I do develop tolerance after taking it for a while. This happens with all the meds for rls for me. I stop taking the drug for a while (I use alternative treatments while on the break).

Red vein is the best for pain. My personal favorite is red dragon. I take 4 size 00 capsules (I fill my own). Never had a storage issue. I keep it at room temp but my house is always cool.

I've tried green and white. Red is way better for pain. Try increasing your dose and only take it twice a day.

I use the capsules because I can't stand the taste. Also, if the higher dose causes nausea drink ginger or licorice tea. Hope you feel better.

What is Kratom?

Cut and pasted from a previous post of mine:

I'm getting 90% relief using powdered kratom leaf. It's available on the internet at eleven cents per gram when bought in bulk ($110 per kilogram). My favorite strain is "Red Borneo", although I rotate through 7 different strains, hoping that that will help to avoid tolerance building up. I'm using 8 grams per dose, two or three times per day. I mix each dose in a blender with 8 ounces of milk and a packet of Carnation "Breakfast Essentials" (aka "Instant Breakfast") which is also a powder. This concoction is needed (for me) to make palatable the kratom which is about as dry as chalk powder. Also I mix into each dose, one capsule (25mg) of iron bisglycinate ("comfort iron"), although many of the good people here recommend that the iron capsule be taken on an empty stomach and certainly not with milk!

If not for the kratom, I would move to Oregon where assisted suicide is legal! (Partially kidding--not sure how much!)

Return to this site often; the loving souls who write here are a great source of strength, courage, and solace.

NOTE WELL: Beginners should start with half the dose described above. I’ve settled with the 8-gram dose after nearly a year of efficacious use.


I’ve been taking it for at least four years with good success. I take about a teaspoon (5 grams at a time) of red vein Borneo. I take it is the early evening and again when I wake, which could be several times a night. It was much more effective in the beginning and I’ve had to increase the amount I’m taking. Several times it didn’t seem to work at all .. but then for reasons I don’t understand, it started working again!

I bought some kratom but befor I started it I went to the docs to see what he thought , he said he wouldn’t give it to anyone , you start with a small does then you have to keep increasing , how far do you intended increasing , arethere instructions with the product, just be careful , I know Raffs is all for it

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