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Update on Oxycodone

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Hello all my restless friends. I said I would let you know how I fared with starting oxycodone. I have now been taking 5 mg. Longtec (oxycodone) for two weeks. This tablet is slow release over 12 hours. For the first few days I played about with the time of taking and have now settled on 8.00 p.m. My RLS has usually started by this time. I am now finding very slight or no RLS during the evening and I am getting so much more sleep. I had been getting severe symptoms of limb jerking (arms and legs) when I lay down in bed for about two hours. This has now stopped completely! I sleep for up to 2 hours at a time (sometimes only half an hour) but I can get back to sleep mostly. I sometimes can't sleep but can lie quite contentedly (not wriggling). This is so much improvement I can hardly believe it. I know I may become used to this dosage when it will no longer be so effective but I am hoping this will not happen for a long time! At the start I was having a slump the following day but this seems to have levelled out and I feel OK during the day. Thank you again for all the advice I have received from you and I read the RLS post every day and will keep in touch.

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I have been taking 5mg oxycodone for a few years now. I take one around 7-8PM and then another around 1AM. Some nights I actually sleep almost 7 hours. This medicine is a blessing for us suffering from RLS.

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Thanks for your response. I am very glad this has worked for you for quite a time and I hope I shall find this too. I was fairly desperate before starting the oxycodone.

That's great news! I too hope it lasts for a long time...

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