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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Awake again not usual to read that here

Like many we all awake probably right now sitting on edge of bed legs aching from banging them together and feel helpless and tired and hopping on body getting overtired so get some sleep.

Do I have RLS ? No idear ,could it be do I want it to be .. Nope cause everything I read of others and saw on to scare the hell out of me , I've list my partner job friends , my mood due to lack if sleep can be shirt , I can't plan anything ,I just get on with it I suppose you do too,I was always a active over son and still am always referred to as having ants in my pants so could of been since I was not even a teen I suffered from RLS who knows I just know it's sore, Uncomfortable ,aches,frustrating,self worth destroying,self confidence out the window, fear of doing anything that might make it worse, I gave pad so need to move or loose my legs so cure could be that I joke but my life would be over if I loose my legs I joke if I ever wake to find one off then lock me up cause will murder the doc who done it , I bought old landrovers which inspire me to get up go out and do anything on them , to others I'm mad as it kerp breaking down and I have had or got in total 8 engines for it blown, work stripped etc conditions but it gives me reason to get up , move and do something that gives me reason to keep going. Well that's me , old,daft with health issues I here folk say , me inside I'm 18, full of energy ,like working away till I can't or to sore or hands cramp up , I always will find a way to do anything I have to face in life I refuse to be beat.

Anyways just saw ----------> tips fir great content , ops sorry not me in way I write, as can't type well or spell and gramma I'm to old to learn that plus I'm a hands on person .cheers john

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Never worry about the spelling and grammar - you can use word or grammerly to improve it - and like tinkling with your engines the focus can help distract from the terrible RLS feelings.

My life has been blighted from a young age with this - from the long term effects of sleep deprivation, (over 4 decades at this stage) to the inability to function properly, (wonder what I could have made of myself had I not been so impaired) to the excruciating pain.

I've tried just about every thing and still suffer. At least here I am understood and learning and with that info I have made things better and am continuing to strive for relief.

Fingers crossed 2018 is the year of the RLS cure!!

Good luck Lurch and keep tinkering at your landrovers - when the others start to experience the discomfort and pain you do then you can listen to them!!!!


Hi sorry to hear you struggle, I too feel and winder what I might of been able to achive if tests that they have now where availble back when we where young,saying that that's me booked first set if test fir 2018 , got Physio for breathing, and dr for Doppler test I should get a season ticket for how often I'm in at the Rie to cover the costs of parking there,even the disabled places you have to pay for !

Yes tinkering away with the landrover has taken over life as I know it lol even if I get one nut and bolt undone it's a achievement as have got up, dressed and walked to garage or driven to mates garage when it's in his to work on ,finding somthing during the day to even go look at helps,saying that I used to be a keen fisher but haven't gone fishing in years now fear of falling or unable to hold the rod due to hands cramp up I just have a vision of me casting out and cause I can't maintain a grip I see the rod shoot off into the distance aswell lol nighttime is worst time ,I gave iPads and iPhone , pc all to find way to get my mind of the pain and discomfort , I usually play mind numbing games of any sort the challenges my brain to think this diverting my attention enough to stop the pains and that discomfort feeling you want to pop like clicking you finger by pulling it feeling.

Sleep I wonder at times what a lay in was ?? Only time I've got close is after operation on legs where I been put under, during the day trying to stay awake so to be tired at night is a hopeless thing fir me to try so now when I feel tired I grab the chance and have however mins I get I feel a constant need for sleep , I once was given sleeping tablets tried four at once as one didn't work near did the four as once it starts only sheer exhaustion is the only time I sleep now .

I hope fir you and everyone that 2018 is a year a cure is found so we can all have a lay in once again .



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Hi Lurch,

nice to have you with us though obviously wish you didn’t have reason to seek us out (wish I didn’t either).

Do you take anything for your legs?

Iron is thought to be very helpful. Maybe you should ask your gp to do a serum ferritin test to check your iron levels. If you are below 100 you could try taking a supplement.

I had a Land Rover once - a long wheel base 7seater. I LOVED it. Had to sell it in the recession. It was my favourite car of any I have had.

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Due to having pad I discussed my problem sleeping and trouble with my legs as never heard of RLS till I saw the programme anyways he wasn't to give me meds on top of meds to give meds to counteract other meds and so on he went , he said it was a case top half body hot bottom cold hence the cramp feelings he said he knows of folk who sleep with one leg out if bed , raised etc but no mention of checking anything to do with RLS or even mentioned RLS but more so concerned about arranging anther Doppler test to compair it with two years ago results before he can contact my vascular surgeon to ask for me to be seen and have scans done to see what level my legs are at and size of annerisum in left leg as thus was suppose to get a stint placed in it when it reach two cm well that was over two years when it did measure that but was referred to physio for breathing and clinic for breathing which I was put through tests every couple months and still see physio to get a irregular breathing habit under control , god if I could wake up that day this all seemed to start from what would I of done differant if anything which would of nit have me in this state of health now. It's like a dream I feel sometimes and is if I'm watching me progress or how I handle certain times with the discomfort and pains and like others when ur got dark my first realisation of it starting was me banging knees together so short answer no I nit had any tests or taken meds for this but will be well armed when I do see dr next to ask all about thus and what he can do to assist me.

Crying shame you had to get rid of landrover , yes money wise they are increasing in value,but that wasn't my intention when buying one to make money from it,it was because it is in my view the easiest vehicle to work on,basically a large maccanio set nuts bolts and screws hold it together and all easy fixed and sorted given time, old saying about a landrover if there's no leaks there no fluids or oil left in it! Lol

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Well wee update here in Scotland wher I live it's been very cold and due to ops I can't feel my legs getting very cold till it's basically very cold and numb,Due to this every so often I had to check my legs and at night when home by God do they hurt so even with the cold getting to them it seems to make them worse when warmed up and it gets dark out and I'm trying to rest they start , so begins trying to click the ankles, shake the legs, bang them together increasing on how hard, getting up walking about like a zombie with blanket draped over my shoulders in the dark now I know I can put a light on but I never do??? Turn on to get ipad out but it's past there time for use or help it's the trudge around in a circle in living room I go and Oscar my dog get dizzy watching and falls asleep lucky buggar,how long do I do it well till it looks like it's getting light out and I try laying down exhausted and I finally pass out and only wake when nudge repeatly by Oscar to get out or alarms go off and it's time for meds yeehaa and the day begins again , so can we survive with say two hours sleep a night?? Do our doctors care,,, nope, will they give anything to help,,, nope, they give advice and tell us it's in our heads , we tell out friends and family who all give advice not knowing how many times we heard it or done it already, just is this we all read everyone's posts, we can all relate to each other's problem and we all see folks advice and stuff that's help them but each is down to each person it seems to find what works for them, me, well after years of this now I just buy a new rug every year or so to hide the worn circle that slowly appears, I keep the blinds closed and pray for it to get light soon , I tried even dark lights uv all sorts to try simulate day light but there's nothing to trick the body clock and that's the one I need to shut off and move forward to trick it into thinking it's still daytime and I'm having a nap just only I could find that off switch to the clock or pain I be a happy chappy again and maybe then be happy to have someone in my life again but until then it's Oscar and time I let him out good luck whatever solution you use that helps,it tonight I will pray again nit just for me but everyone that today a medicine is found to stop it completly for everyone and it's just one tablet that's needed too not anther one to add to the pile I take now ..... Night all see u round the block !


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