Nothing we did gave us RLS. There's nothing we can do to stop it, and we know it's going to get worse as we get older.

I think the reason why the medicos don't think it's that important is coz it doesn't kill us. What about the suicides, what about the attempted suicides, what about the drugs that make us crazy!

The cannabis paste that I've been using (for my RLS, my pain and my insomnia) has been great but unfortunately is way out of my price range for any regular use.

Now that I have tried it and have the knowledge I feel confident in requesting a prescription for it from my specialist. If he doesn't agree .... (I'll tell him the truth)

Then I'll just have to buy some pot!

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  • I spoke to a Dr once about getting cannabis on the NHS - specifically Sativex. I was told it was only for MS spasticity and I couldn't have it and "Why don't you just buy some cannabis and use that?" So that's exactly what I did, not because the Dr told me I could but out of desperation.

    I had tried cannabis as a young man and didn't like it-but when I discovered how good it was at treating my various conditions I started using it regularly. Not only did it work as effectively as Mirapexin it had none of the dangerous and disturbing side-effects that the prescribed drugs have. As they say around here "I don't give two flying f**ks" about it being illegal - I have been so close to killing myself over RLS and the pain and discomfort that I have no fear using it and I will continue to use it. I

    f I am caught I will create as big of a scene that I can and highlight being denied y human rights - I have no family life when I am suffering like I do, (Article 8 Human Rights Legislation HRL). I have no life with this condition and I have a right to life, (HRL Article 2). People get treated with dangerous drugs all the time FFS with chemo they try to kill the cancer before it kills the sufferer. With psychiatric drugs like Lithium and Clozapine regular bloods are carried out to make sure they don't become toxic and kill the person. Why is cannabis - a much safer drug not legal? Because we can grow it ourselves and the Pharmaceutical companies cannot patent it and make their cut, (b@$t@rd$)

    Phogan if you have the space you can grow cannabis and that way you have a steady supply and one of good quality that will allow you relief and a decent quality of life.

    Take care.

  • Hi Raffs, it seems that some of the RLS solutions have a shelf-life of effectiveness. How long have you been having success with cannabis? I did used to enjoy it when very much younger and would not be averse to "resuming" if it helps the RLS!

  • For me the efficacy of cannabis doesn't wane like the prescribed drugs however it didn't last as long I would get about 2 hours from a pipe or two of it now. I did use it for nearly 2 years solid without a break along side prescribed drugs and the cannabis made a big difference however I was using more than I needed too so now when I get it I use a lot less and use it more often.

    Legally it is deemed 'wrong' but in my opinion you cannot have a crime without a victim and my cannabis use creates no victims and in fact makes my life and the lives of those around me better. Morally I can easily defend my use and have yet to meet anyone who can explain effectively why I shouldn't be using it.

    I carried out some study and not one assignment in my degree was done without cannabis - I wouldn't have been able to sit without it. And considering it had been 20 years since I last studies so deeply and was using cannabis I was getting 2.2's and 2.1's (B's & A's respectively), so the cannabis didn't impede y studies in anyway.

    It can be quite strain specific so if one doesn't work there are lots more to try.

  • Thanks for your reply Raffs, presumably you are in the UK? I agree with you completely btw.

  • I'm from the north of Ireland but yeah under UK jurisdiction. Drug wise the cops/courts seem to be tougher here than in England Scotland and Wales plus we have the boys with the fuzzy faces to contend with too!

    Some day they will look back to the prohibition of cannabis and see it as the sad attempt at monopolising the recreational drug industry, (drinks industry have been known to fund anti cannabis ads and movements) and as a time when people were prevented from helping themselves in order to secure profits for Pharmaceutical companies,

  • Ditto

  • Raffs, I am with you, the law is often an ass. It only has black and white when we so often need shades of grey. And as for the pharmas - don't get me started. I am positive that many drugs are self-perpetuating. Billions to be made!

    Happy Daze!

  • You get the drug for high blood pressure, (because its easier for the Dr and money for Big Pharma than telling the patient to loose weight, eat well, exercise and stop smoking and drinking). Of course the drug causes heartburn so you get a proton pump inhibitor.

    Now the headaches start so some pain killers for that and something to help with the constipation. Don't forget things wont absorb properly so maybe start some vitamins....etc...etc.

    We are kept in a state fluctuating between ill-health and poor health so drug companies and their shills can make more money.

  • Hi raffs, you got it. I am a fan of Dr John Bergman who tells it like it is I think. I have spent hours on his youtube channel listening to what I feel is common sense and have tapered off my lercanipidene and prami. Clear for a month now. Mind you, I have been monitoring my bp like a hawk. GP wants me to feed back my bp results for a week because he is not so sure it is a good idea. My readings are lower than when i was taking the tablets and I feel OK and can work hard without trouble (avid diy-er). So I am costing the NHS and myself less.

    I am not sure I would be so gung-ho if I had your complaints though. I hope you are doing well. Have you researched Low Dose Naltrexone to boost your meds effectiveness? Or wouldn't it help?

    I enjoy reading your posts and advice, thanks for that


  • Did take a bit of a look into the Naltroxone but would have to travel to Dublin and I am on a shed load of opiates for pain so not sure what way that would go, I have it there for desperate times. I must look into Bergman, thanks.

  • I hope you find something helpful, as someone has posted "life can be so complicated"

    Kind Regards


  • I follow Dr John Bergman also. He has become one of a few drs I follow routinely. As I've said before, nutrition is a big part of so many healthcare probles. Again, it's not the money maker that Prescription meds are so it is cast aside by many. burmag

  • Raffs, You said it so well! burmag

  • Hi Raffs, What you say makes a lot of sense to me about all the dangerous legal drugs on the market. It makes me think "What's wrong with the healthcare picture around the world? My answer is greed! Money rules. T could go on-as I usually do-but I;ll stop now. Sometimes we have to take our healthcare in our own hands. I hope everything goes well with obtaining what you need.It'supsetting to me when people cause told harm to others barely get a slap on the wrist while people just trying to quietly get thru life without pain are treated so unfairly. Good luck to both of you. Thake care, Burma (burmag)

  • Voltarol gel is great for relieving my restless legs and I get it on prescription. (I am retired & not diabetic.

  • Hi karaph1951. Can I ask how long you have suffered with restless legs and have you been diagnosed? I wish voltarol would relieve my legs and I'm curious as to how it works but I am glad you get relief from this dreadful condition.


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