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Withdraw Alert

Hi everyone 😍Just an update and an Alert comment. Started Lyrica. 10 days ago and It feels like a miracle😁😁😁 But.... Went thru 5 days of Hell first! I wasn't thinking straight And my Dr took me off Mirapex but failed to remind me of the withdrawals!!! So ..I just quit it and went off mirapex cold turkey.

For 5 days ...24/7 I had Unbearable pain and cried all the Time and took epson salt

baths 4 x a day including at 2:00Am!!!!

After 5 days the pain stopped. Took me awhile to remember That it had to be withdrawals!!!; I am a pretty a intelligent woman and really kicked myself for forgetting about the Obvious!!! This is just a note so it helps anyone else* and learn😀

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Yep, live and learn. That's all life's about anyway, isn't it? I'm also pretty intelligent, but some of the things I do...I swear.... It's like "seriously, Jessica?! You just couldn't think of that before, could you??"

Am glad you're feeling better!!

Take care,



Thanks! Love to be able to express our simplist feelings on here.😁


In my case it's live and learn, then live and forget, then live and make the same mistake all over again :-)


I did the same coming off twelve years of Mirapexin but it was so bad that after seven days of 'cold turkey hell' I gave in and took 2 X 0.25mg of Ropinipole. This was during August and I am coping with this dose but can't sleep & daren't go to events in the evening. I see a neurologist next week so things may change again. Keep strong. Finding this site has been the best thing to happen for me. It is so supportive and informative.


I am constantly amazed at the different effects medications have on us all.I stopped mirapex cold and no problem am still trying to get the weight off it seems to have had a lasting affect on my metabolism.Also the Voltaire fell no relief on cardiologist shook me recommending marijuana for symptoms I had heart wise which I eventually attributed to cyanocobalomine (?cyanide in it) and switched to methyl one needs to have detective instincts for figuring out what is the problem.It is hard to know what is listed for various problems by the FDA a mind like a steel trap is required and the rules seem to change daily depending on politics.US I am referring to


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