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Restless Legs Syndrome
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How effective is Gabapentin?

Hi. I have just started taking Gaba on the advice of Dr. Buchfuhrer. I don't intend to take it every day. I am currently taking 150mg before bedtime. It is making me drowsey and sleepy. However my RLS symptoms are coming through. I am hoping for some feedback from those of you who use Gaba on it's own. I know this is a low dose and I am likely to have to increase it. For regular users, does it eliminate all your symptoms? And how much do you take and when. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.xx

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I was never successful with gabapentin. I went all the way up to 900 mg three times a day.


First of all, I thought you had to take Gaba everyday for it to be effective.

Secondly, I was prescribed this back in 2015, got annoyed at how long it was taking to kick in (sorry for the pun), and asked to be put on something else.


Not according to Dr.B.x


Hi Jumpey,

I was prescribed gaba when I augmented on ropinirole and had to get off it. I was on 900mg of gaba which didn't help my RLS. When I added codeine, things improved for about 2/3 months. I then started on oxycontin and pregabalin which work much better.


Thank you for your help.x


I have had good success with gabapentin. Two things I see that strike me as not being helpful are, (1) your dose is low. I started at 300 mg. And ended up at 600 mg for the last year and a half. (2) I am almost positive it needs to be taken consistently, on a schedule, to be effective. Also, the specialist I see instructed me to take it 3 hours before bedtime so it gets into your system. Also he said don't get in bed until you are very sleepy, not just very tired. Hope this helps.


Thanks so much. I realise my dose is low and intend to increase it. It has made me sleepy during the day so want to build up gradually. DR.B advised that it could be taken intermittantly and rotated with codeine.x


Do u have daytime rls symptoms ?


I started taking gabapentin after the hospital neurologist recommended it.

You can take up to 900mg a day for RLS.

I am taking 600mg after dinner ( about 7ish) and this is working for me.

Haven't had any RLS symptoms since.


Doc told me to work up to 300mg at. bedtime, then if not working add 300 at dinner. The 300 at bedtime worked immediately, but then after 1 year only intermittently. Adding 300 at dinner helps most nights.


Gaba for me is the best out of the ten drugs I’ve tried .

300 is what works for me , but often only lasts 3 hrs.

Also augments quickly so I up the doses.

When gets too high .. I holdiday with levadopa for 3 days.

Btw did u know ..u have the perhaps #1 rls expert as your dr .?


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