Restless Legs Syndrome
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Tromadol and other opiates for rls

I have had rls forever. The only times it stopped was when after a very big surgery , I was prescribed Fentanyl patches 150 mcg every 48 hrs( an opiate) . After a while I went on a gradual winding off program that I initiated myself , however when the dosage went below 50 mcg the rls returned with a vengeance. I am sure opiates does help control rls.

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Well done for getting off the Fentanyl that far. 150 every two days is quite a strong dose -usually every three days.

Opiates are the only really effective answer to rls.

However - 50 fentanyl should be adequate to keep it under control. I imagine you are suffering a bit of withdrawal symptoms which would be normal. Give it time.

Check out Matt Finch - opiate detox for some ideas on how to cope. Ignore the hard sell for the courses!

Also do a diary on intakes to see if there is anything triggering your rls apart from the withdrawal.

It just may take time.

Good luck.

I'm on oxycontin- which is not lasting the claimed 12 hrs- that's why I'm awake now !😠 Fentanyl has a similar problem in not lasting the 3 days- which is why they put you on a 2 day cycle- but that keeps a very high dose in your body.

Mind yourself.

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I am sure that you are right based on my experience. I take 200mg of Tramulief plus 2700mg of Gabapentin, a Img Neupro patch and 1mg of clonazepam. Too much stuff so I decided to drop the Tramulief. Big mistake as my legs just would not keep still. Within 30 mins of taking a 100mg tablet my legs were virtually still and I got to sleep. I am a bit worried as my neurologist has said she wants to stop the Tramulief but I have a reprieve at the mo. I see her again in April

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