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Restless Legs Syndrome
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I am afraid I failed miserably tonight concerning the banishment of my phone to the garage. I am having one of those nights (that we all experience from time to time when the sleepers refuse to work) and so by 3am it became perfectly obvious that tonight was indeed going to be sleepless, so I went to the garage and rescued the phone. It is now 6am and the thought of sleep is the furtherest thing from my mind.

Hope you all on the other side of the world are sleeping soundly.

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If you are not going to sleep you are not going to sleep! I figure if you leave the phone out a couple of hour prior to sleep, ( to avoid the sleep depriving effects) and for a couple of hours after you try to sleep and you are still awake then go for the phone, at the very least it will distract you form not sleeping.

I am becoming quite convinced that there is a major addiction problem with phones/internet as so many become agitated when they have to do without that only eases when they get access again, scary bananas!

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