Blood donation

Hello all,

Hope all ok .. I just thought I update you with my situation:)

I have been very well after giving up pramipexole till tonight! So whoever thinking of giving up prami please give yourself a chance! That medicine is good till you have augmentation.

I have rls tonight when I thought that it has gone away! I have donated blood today so it explains why my RLS (all over my body ) is back!

So maybe in my case all iron related! I am back to normal eating and drinking too! (Can drink wine!!!hooray:))

Anyway just wanted to say hello!

Take care all and stay strong!


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  • Wow B, you're doing great!

    It's been a long time since you stopped Pram, I know it may not seem like it when you're suffering. I'm looking on in envy, I will try to stop Pram too, but will wait until the wife if away so I don't disturb her with my wheeling and thrashing.

    I used to give blood, got to 3 gals of AB neg. Had to stop because of drugs, it never affected my RLS though as iron is not my problem.

    Keep it up B and maybe stop donating for your own good.


  • Yep, prami free since April! I thought I went through hell at the time!! :)

    If you are not having augmentation maybe best to stick to it.. I was ok with it but thought best to give up before getting addicted to it! :) (some might not agree with the addiction word but I do get addicted easily! ;) )

    I give blood cause I am B neg but I will see how I feel tonight if I get rls again then maybe time to stop donating ! Taking iron supplement now so my levels back to normal...

    Look forward to reading your journey!


  • Hi B, good to hear things are moving in the right direction. Long may it last.

  • Thank you Raffs. Hope all ok with you?


  • Up and down, went through a few bad nights but the RLS has eased...just in time for the insomnia to flare up :) On a whole things on the up thankfully.

    Take care B.

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