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Restless Legs Syndrome
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My apologies to begin with as this post has nothing to do with my RLS. I just feel compelled to tell my story.

The following is the past 6-7 years of my life.

JUNE 2010

I was living in a small country town in NSW in my new home with my two gorgeous pet cats. I was feeling extremely unwell but had no idea why. I should have realised the severity of the illness as I had spent three weeks on the lounge room floor on a 4" foam mattress unable to walk. I'd crawl to the kitchen, I'd crawl to the bathroom, I had my groceries delivered. I lived this way for three weeks. I was extremely tired and felt too exhausted to do anything.

Eventually I began vomiting and so took myself off to the hospital where after telling the doctor my symptoms, I was totally confused with his reaction when he said, 'I don't believe you'. I was on the phone with my best friend and she told me to throw myself off the bed and then he would notice me. So I did, and before I passed out I remember hearing a nurse say to the two nurses who were actually in the room with me, 'What on earth do you girls think you are doing? Can't you see this woman is having a heart attack'. I remember waking up in the ambulance with the siren blasting and opening my eyes and seeing the paramedic and saying, 'Who's sick'? He said, 'You are, you're on the way to Albury Hospital .... you're having a heart attack'.

I was immediately admitted to the ICU where I spent the next four days and then the following three weeks in the Medical Ward Coronary Care. I had suffered what is known as a 'Silent Heart Attack'. No heart pain. The following three weeks were nothing short of torturous. The nurses would not accept RLS and my meds were removed. You will all no doubt understand completely what I was forced to endure.

When I arrived home things were not much better.


Another heart attack this time with the heart pain. However I refused to stay with the doctor saying if I were to leave i could die.in said I'd rather die than spend another three weeks here without my meds.


Amother one.

Sorry guys I'm exhausted gotta go to bed will finish story tomorrow night.

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Man that is rough, I'd put in a complaint that your medical conditions were not taken seriously, that is atrocious care, well lack of!


I actually did put in a complaint but ... Doctors stick by their own. And my complaint went nowhere

I appreciate your reply tho and your concern and interest.



They do, thick as thieves! Pity.


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Are you sure the spelling is correct as I copied/paste on the Amazon website and there were no matches.


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