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Restless Legs Syndrome
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My mum is going to start with mirapex.. or should she try cannabis first?

Hello, my mum is with medication for RLS for the last 8 years, she has tried them all. But at some point it it stops working and every day she is in worse physicall and mental, im worried about her, a lot.

I want her to try cannabis since im an ocasiona user and have access to it from a friend, a 90% indica.

She is going to start a new treatment today, Mirapex. She will also continue with old one; lorazepam, lyrica and some others i cant remember now... my head explodes..

How can i introduce cannabis to see if it works for her? she has necer taking any.. im mostly worried about interactions with other meds... please help!

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First off- be very careful about getting her onto straight Cannabis - I don't know what jurisdiction you are in or whether C is legal there-- but you are putting yourself in a dangerous situation if things go wrong.

If she has been treated for rls for 8 years - then it's highly likely that she has already been on a Dopamine Agonist - and I'm surmisingshe has augmented.- So- Mirapex will probably not be a good option. But that is for her Dr to decide.

Kratom and cbd oils might be a better option to check out if that's the road your looking at.

I appreciate your head is all over the place and that you want to do the best for your Mam- but be very cautious about interfering with a doctors prescription regime- assuming he knows what he is about!

As usual- please check on what other meds and foods she might be taking that could act as triggers for rls. Check them out on Google.

All the very best.


Thank you for response, i live in Spain where legislation is ambigous but more or less lets you plant cannabis as long as it is not visible to others and it is for your self consumption. In many places there are even Cannabis clubs where your can select and plant the variety you wish to consume...

I have heard of Kranton but not sure about a good source to get it or how to use it, how would a kranton+CBD treatment be?

CBD I know and i am going to use it before starting with THC. I have already some coming on the mail from a shop called Dutch Natural Healings wich has good reviews at Reddit

Of course my idea is to go really slow, minimum dosis and checking... but still im not sure how is the best way to start trying cannabis while taking other meds.. anyone?

I only see my mother getting worse and im worried Mirapex med will get her into augmentation, side effects etc...

actually she is taking daily:

Lyrica 150 mg

Orfidal 1mg

Mirtazipina 15 mg

Dormodor 30 mg

and now Mirapex..


Well--- the Mirtazapin is a major culprit in provoking rls- so that would be a good place to start. She needs an alternative for that one.

I didn't check out any of the other meds- so there may be more.

In general , antihistamines and SSI meds are ferocious bad on rls.

High sugar and salt are also bad. Raising agents (biscuits) are my particular divil.

At least you have a start now. Get a knowledgeable doctor or educate yourself thoroughly.



Are both good sites.


Thank you very much. I told her and yes, new doctor who gave her miraplex already told her to quit Mirtazipina.

She took dopamine agnostic in not high doses, for 5 years then changed to Lyrica 3 years ago and now back again to Mirapex (she used to take other ones) mixed with Lyrica.

She doesnt know what aumentation is, she but says they stoped worked and changed to Lyrica instead of increasing dose, not sure if this is agmentation.. lets see how it goes with this new one.


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