Restless Legs Syndrome
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Rls n itp

Hello everyone

I m having itp but rls is more problem for me as m not active bleeder but this rls wont let me sleep or doing work in office . Firstly it ws only in night but now its morning n whole day as i relax my legs i got weird kind of itchness n restlessness . Also my legs r very dry and it looks weak. Thin. My thighs n arms also getting same restlesness now. Which doctor should i concern for this mostly doctors dont take it serious .. n any one getting cure from any kind of exercise?

Please share ur experience

Your reponse will be highly appreciated


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is ITP immune Thrombocytopenia? My Mum had that but 6 months of heavy duty steroids cured it.

What meds are you on for the ITP? What other meds are you on? How long have you had RLS symptoms?

Some meds and anti histamines and low serum ferritin can cause RLS.

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Currently i m taking no medicine .. i took steroids n many others medicine but no medicine work for me . Rls is lik 2 years nw. It ws not that much . 2 3 days every week. But then i diagnosd wid itp and i took many medicine at that time rls wad gone but as i stopped medicine for itp in dec 16 . Rls is getting worse day by day. Whole day when ever i relax myself n its not only in my legs in arms n thighs . Restlessness


I suggest you ask your GP to arrange full blood tests. The ITP may have caused anaemia which is a major cause of RLS. Your serum ferritin needs to be above 75, preferably above 100 if you have RLS.

Keep a sleep diary and show it to your GP. Read everything you can on this site and the main website for RLS UK so you have a good idea what causes RLS and what meds are available to treat it. The morw you know, the better things will go. Most GP's are not very familiar with RLS or how to treat it.


Serum ferttin is any test ? I have gone through all blood test n bm biopsy too . All clear just low platelets and others ups n down r due to medicine i was taking for itp lik my wbc were high n alt n ast for liver were high. I have visited few gp they all prescribed me calcium tab but it aint work .


I read major causes of rls . In my case its not due to any medicine its might b due to my tobacco in take , tea and no exercise at all


Definitely ask for another blood test. Serum ferritin levels of 12 are considered normal for everyone in the UK but for those of us with RLS it needs to be above 75.

Weight training or gentle stretching ( yoga, pilates) in the morning is good for RLS.

Good luck


serum ferrtin is test name


Yes indeed, also a value called % saturation. Ferritin is a protein that carries iron in the blood to various sites in the body. More information

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