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Restless Legs Syndrome
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During the early years of my RLS a psychiatrist I saw because of severe post-natal-depression (worsened, I'm sure, because of having little rest and with a tiny baby), gave me Tegretol, an epilepsy drug, because there is epilepsy in my family (not me). I had described my symptoms (which I now of course know to be RLS), and he said he thought my condition may be related to epilepsy. I took Tegretol successfully for almost five years, then it stopped working and i spent the next twenty or so years with nothing, until I found Dihydrocodeine (as previously related on here).

Does anybody else have epilepsy in their family, or read any research which mentions it?

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I've read of a link between RLS and ADHD but never epilepsy, did the Dr say why they thought there was a relation between the two?

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No, I think he was floundering because he just didn't have an answer. In those days, who had heard of RLS? Things are not exactly good for us today but are 100% better than they were 30-40 years ago. Most doctors know about it now, even though help is patchy.

But he gave me Tegretol, which gave me a crucial five years of relief while my children were very small and my husband away at sea.


Hi lorrinet,

I found this link if it is any help?


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Thank you for that Kaarina. It's very interesting. My nephew suffers from RLS and he had childhood epilepsy, but other family members with RLS don't have seizures.


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