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Some good news for me

Hello everyone I just want to share someing with you because I'm so happy, even though I'm new here and have only joined last week, i as referred to a consultant whom I saw end of March who decided to send me for a brain scan because I've also had trouble with balance, walking in a straight line, and my hearing has suddenly gone supersonic, anyway the GP and the consultant had both decided a scan would help with anything RLS and what they though was MS,, I've been worried for months, I tried not to look up what MS was but i did while waiting and it put the jibbers up me, anyway I've had a letter today to say what they were scanning for has come back clear! Thank goodness, I've now got to see a different consultant, what ever thats about doesn't matter because I've worried myself sick thinking thats what i had and thinking they would put my rls on the side lines but for now onwards and upwards with my new consultant and hopefully a new approach on treatment 😊😊

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I am glad you feel optimistic! people always think they might have MS, and so do some doctors. it almost never is, when we are trying to work out RLS. A brain scan is not going to show anything to do with RLS. But, am glad you do not have MS. :)


Really pleased it's not MS. I have MS as well as RLS & actually, the treatments now for MS are so good, they can stop further attacks.

What we need is for them to throw as much money & research at RLS which is actually a far more debilitating disease because it affects sleep so badly.

Just think what they could do with the money & research!

Let's hope your new consultant sorts out your RLS. Good luck.



Let us know what he prescribes.


Very happy for you.



You rock it. Onward to new horizons.

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