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RLS gets better with sleep

Thank you! Even though I've been intermittently bothered by RLS since I was a teen, I was always confused by its description as a sleep disorder. Mine would typically come on in the evening when I was sitting and getting sleepy and be relieved by going to bed. During the last year, some 60 years after onset, it has spread to my arms and persisted during sleep. I had a BAD time with it last night, which led me to find your community. It was reassuring to see my symptoms reported, and you all have my thanks and empathy.

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Well that is interesting. You are one of the few people who finds RLS is relieved by going to bed. For most people, RLS starts when they are resting and trying to fall asleep or it wakes them from sleep.

Are you on any medication for the RLS?


Sorry to hear it has spread and is troubling your sleep. It is nasty to experience at any time but really ranks as full on torture when it is waking you up over and over. Take a look around the forum. There are loads of suggestions and tips for dealing with it. And of course you could always try your GP. I would inform myself extensively first as many GPs are not that familiar with the condition and/or treatments.


the only way i can sleep when rls strikes is with sleeping pills,when the attack has worn off, usually after a few hours of legs going everywhere


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