Restless Legs Syndrome
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I think I have RLS, but not had it diagnosed as yet. I had very bad accident last September which resulted in me breaking humerus collarbone 8 ribs and punctured lung. I have been on Oxycodone slow release sine September 16 and have been weaning myself off this. Gone from 80mg a day to 10mg a day in space of 2 months but since reducing mess legs have got worse and now suffer daily when sitting down in the evening and in bed. I don't want to increase mess again and would rather deal with this natural methods. Any suggestions folks?

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RLS is a common symptom of opiate withdrawal. This should clear up after you finally detox from the opiate.

You may have decreased the drugs too quickly but that said if you can tolerate it this means you will be clean quicker.

Hot baths and yogic practices can help. If things get too bad to handle a small increase might be in order.

Good luck.


Also rest as much as possible- ie- don't overdo things. Take vit C and multivits to boost your immune system. You've done really well- Raffs has said it all.

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