Restless Legs Syndrome
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Mustn't hope too soon

Having had Ropinerole for 6 years was reluctantly about to increase dose, as reccommended by neurologist, to 1.5 mg a few months ago. But I tried a low oxolate diet instead and it seemed to help. I have now relaxed the diet a bit and, several weeks ago, I split my dose taking .25 at about 5 p.m and 1mg at 9pm. Last night I dropped the early dose so reduced to 1mg only. Had a night free of rls and plmd. Living in hopes that this will continue and I can reduce dosage further shortly.

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Oxalates tend to bind with iron and prevent its absorption. Iron deficiency is the first thing to check with RLS so:

Are you already supplementing with iron?

Have you had your iron levels measured?

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Hello Ironbrain. I am not anaemic but I am taking Spatone, with my GP's agreement. He says my ferritin is O.K. - don't know the level though but as my rls is so much better I'm not concerned .

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LoisTonya, you do really need to know your ferritin level number as everyone should when taking iron. Your doctor saying your ferritin is ok, i would think means is lower than normal for RLSers, so i do agree its not that important. But taking the Spatone could be increasing your level, so keep an eye on whether it increases your level too high.


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