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I was previously known as Dojen and am now Dojen2. Had trouble logging in so changed my username and e-mail. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help especially to the ever faithful Nightdancer and many others that really do care about others with RLS. I wanted to say that I think I have tried most of the Dopamine agonst and had horrendous side effects from them all, so no more of them for me. Some of you were so understanding when I explained that I had a Neurologist who was rather cross with me when I explained that I cannot use these drugs. She gave me Amytriptolyn (sorry for spelling that wrong) and the side effects from that put me in hospital with swollen neck, unable to swallow, hallucinations and nightmares. Now back on the faithful old Clonazepam and trying hard to keep dose as low as bearable to slow down augmentation. Perhaps I will suggest the Opiates and if the neurologist is as unhelpful as before I will seek a change then. It is not easy for me to travel further than I do now as it already takes an hour on a good day to get to the hospital. Hope I have not repeated myself but again many thanks for this site.

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May your prospects be auspicious.


Hi Dogen just wanted to let you know that you can't get augmentation from Clonazepam (although you can build up a tolerance ).Good luck with it x


Thank you Pippins2, i value your input at all times. I have been on Clonazepam before (in between all the other horrors.) I know you can't get augmentation but yes, sadly intolerance with this drug. Unfortunately at present it is the best treatment for me as i manage some tiredness and excuse myself that at 76 I have a right to have a little doze now and then!!! The message I want to get across to the newbies is this. "There are some people who just can't tolerate powerful drugs. When you find your body is screaming at you to stop because you are simply unable to function and are stumbling through the day trying to convince yourself that you are just being a baby and must try a little longer, then STOP and wean yourself off A.S.A.P. I treat my Clonazepam as a rest between trying other medications. My RLS is severe so I have to keep trying but this forum has helped me greatly.


Ah, the evil Amitriptyline! You had a true allergic reaction, which in hindsight is a good thing in the context of RLS. They will never give that to you again! Glad you are ok. :) You cannot augment on Clonazepam, but good to keep the dose low on all meds, when possible. With Clonazepam, you can build up a tolerance, but nothing like the augmentation that happens only with the dopamine meds, and you are not taking those any more.

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