Restless Legs Syndrome

Help and advise please

Hi there i am Andy and new to this site. I have just seen the program on Chanel 5 and noce to know I am not alone. A bit about me i am 36 and had problems with my knees from the age of 3 or 4 and the doctors always put it down to growing Pains. A few years back I went to see a knee specialist in Liverpool and he sent me to a pain clinic for botox in my knees which made it worse. I cant sleep at night and always moving my legs as it feels like there is something behind my knee cap chipping away at it and the pain gets so bad I have even thought about asking for amputation which I know sounds extream but that is the pain I am in. I have been on tramadol's for about 5 years and taking between 4 and 5 at night just to ease the pain. In September last year i went under the knife for a double bilateral authoscapy which has just made the pain worse. Is there anyone else out there that can help please as just out of ideas and getting me down now.


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There are lots of drug treatments available. Check out and which will advise on drug treatments.

Also try and avoid Caffeine, Alcohol and keep a food diary to see what could be making things worse.

Many drugs - antihistamines, antidepressants and many others make RLS worse, you will need to check out what you are taking.

There is lots and lots of advice on here and there will be plenty of advice - check out the search function and look for Gentle Iron.

Good luck.


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