Restless Legs Syndrome
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Rock salt or seaweed helps

I watched the programme tonight and thought l would post something that l have found has helped my restless legs. I went to speak to a nutritionist just over a year ago about improving my diet and health. The subject of 'electrolytes' came up when l discussed the fact that l was drinking loads of water (to try and alleviate my night-time restless legs) but to no avail. Karen, the nutritionist suggested that l added a small amount of either rock salt or sea weed to the water l was drinking during the day. I also now take a pinch of rock salt at night if, l feel symptoms coming on (which is not often). The fluid l am drinking during the day seems to be retained by my body in a way that it wasn't before and l now rarely if ever get restless leg symptoms. I told my friend about this as she has the same problem and had been to her doctor to try and get help. This has also helped her. I realise that consuming too much salt is not great but rock salt (or sea weed ) in small quantities appears to help.

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