Restless Legs Syndrome
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hi people, do not know what happened last night nothing different from when I always take my medication for rose . been up and down from my bed four times from I first went to bed not even had an hours sleep and got work to go to . my arms got it and both legs . felt very down as I don't know what happened to make me worse .took medication as normal .so who knows what happened . torture .:(

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I find that too sometimes - on a very strict regime, doing all I am supposed to do and things decent for a while then all of a sudden things fo pear shaped, it may be a night it may be several weeks but Ill be damned if I can work out what sparks it off again.

Hope it eases for you soon.


Yes- it's a real bummer when that happens- all going well and - BANG- .

The only thing I can point you to , is some trigger set it off. And it can be something very minor.

I had Honeycomb ice cream one evening - boy - did I not sleep one wink. It's the crunchy bits I discovered later- full of rising agents. Which just annoys hell out of me , because I know to avoid them- Crunchy bars , kitkats etc.

So- look at your diet VERY carefully - be forensic 😈 .

You know to avoid all the antihistamines , cough meds etc.

Good luck.

Ambien is a good backup to have for those very occasional instances of non sleep. Or oxynorm5 if your Dr would prescribe it. Just for emergency use only.



I guess mine was a few ounces of wine at 7:00 pm


Have been trying to b very careful with what i eat and all i can think of is that i was taking iron prescribed by my doc tho didnt need it so didnt get any more for over a week now .so other than that god knows .but so glad that other ppl do have same problem tho dont mean in a bad way .thanks for comments .hope for a better nite tonite :(


Same thing happened to me last night. Took my med exactly when I have been and was up pacing the floors til 3:30 am.

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It is hell when it strikes out of the blue like that and even worse when you have to get up to work the next day.


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