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Disturbed Sleep

I have been suffering with RLS for about 4/5 years now and it is getting to the point where it is disturbing my sleep. I cannot seem to get my legs into a position where I can drift into a peaceful sleep and even when I do I get woken up by the uncomfortable feeling.

I have read online that RLS can be triggered by overtiredness but sometimes this cannot be helped due to circumstances..

Does anyone have any advice on how to ease the uncomfortableness

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Try rubbing magnesium oil on your legs at night.

Anyone can make up their own magnesium spray by mixing water and Epsom salts half and half by volume.

ie - a cup of water and cup of epsom salts- the resulting 'oil' can be kept for months and used in the way described above.

This works very well for rls in the legs.

Haven't tried it on other body parts!

Also 200 mg of mg citrate a few hrs before bed helps me.

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Hi and welcome. Treatments for RLS is a vast subject! If you are just starting out I would firstly suggest you go to where you will find lots of good information. You need to learn as much as you can. Takea look through the posts and comments. Do you take any medications for anything else as many can make RLS much worse? Have you a family history of RLS? Have you had your Ferrartin iron levels tested?

Those are the things that you need to be looking at first of all.

Yes being over tired can certainly be a trigger. Alcohol is another common one and some find certain foods can trigger it

Some people manage without meds and find self help methods others need to take meds. There are several categories of meds available and what works for one doesn't help another so it is trial and error but before you go downthe meds route I would try everything else first paying particular attention to any meds your on which may be causing the RLS


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Cant say its overtiredness thats to blame .it just happens whatever is going on in our brain that makes it start nobody realy knows .and so many ppl suffer this torture yet not enuf done to help us all.

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I find as soon as I get that feeling & the very first twitch I get out of bed or chair & stretch my calf muscles. It really does help. Are you on any meds?

Read my thoughts on keeping a food diary as some things do make it worse.

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