RLS becoming unbearable

Hi. I'm a 20 year old male and I have RLS... I remember getting the agitating, unpleasent sensations in my legs when I was about 7/8 years old. It had eventually subsided and it only recurred two days ago... I haven't slept comfortably in two days it hasn't gone away and today it has spread to everywhere on my body including my back. This is making me miserable. I'm a university student so I Dont have money to go to a doctor and no medical aid. My parents won't send me to one because they feel I'm being dramatic and its all in my head. I Dont know what else to do I feel so miserable and can't take it. Even the smallest of tasks become irritating. I Dont know what else to do I just want to sleep and have this ago away but it isn't. What can I do now? Any medication I can maybe get over the counter or home remedies?

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  • Since you are pre-disposed to RLS it sounds like you might have started taking a substance two days ago that is triggering your RLS. Antihistamines, antacids, melatonin, 5htp, tryptophan, antidepressants, ingredients in certain energy drinks can all trigger RLS symptoms in those pre-disposed to it such as yourself.

  • Have you taken any medications over last couple of days? Even over the counter stuff?

  • +what the other two have said.

    The fact that you can't be distracted says that you have a "catastrophic " episode- hopefully it will die down when you get off whatever is causing it.

    However- any serious change in a person's health should be investigated properly.

    Do you not have a free student medical service wherever you are?

    Examine carefully your inputs from before the start of this episode - meds and foods and even environmental .

    All the best.

  • Hi purple_sulfur1706

    I am sorry to read your posting. You may be aware that alcohol, caffeine, chocolate and RLS often do not go well together . Are you consuming more dairy products of late as some sufferers who cut out dairy find their symptoms are not so severe. Perhaps you should get your ferritin levels checked out. Some sufferers find a magnesium spray used on the legs can help as can Epsom salt baths.

  • I would be looking, as the others have said, for ANYTHING that may be different in the last couple of days. Sounds like you have genetic RLS, since you remember this from when you were younger. Also, RLS can go quiet for years, like yours did, especially when you are young, and then something triggers it to "wake up" again, or it suddenly a natural progression. Since it has only been 2 days, you REALLY have to look at everything, anything over the counter, alcohol, different foods maybe, and so on. There could be a few obvious reasons, like taking over the counter sleep meds with Diphenhydramine in them. That is one of the worst things we can take, prescription or not, that will make RLS worse, or in some cases can trigger it off. So, think very carefully as to what could be different.

  • I don't know here you are. So sorry you don't have a National Health Service. Doctors aren't very knowledgeable about rls but it's a good place to start.

  • It sounds like you may be predisposed to this, and believe me: I and many others on this blog know what you are dealing with. I wish i had back just have the dollars I've spent trying to figure out how to solve this medical situation for myself. I have found some health problems and have corrected them and have some relief, but was not entirely successful. What is heartbreaking are the great number of people who take prescription medication that may help for a while, but dosages must be increased and increased to continue getting relief. Then, not too long after all the increases in meds, they stop working, and the poor person is worse off than before. Many of us here can relate.

    May I suggest you look into Mucuna Pruriens EXTRACT, which is a natural bean used in the medical community in India for centuries. It works also for restless legs, which is what you apparently are experiencing. Do some research on this substance, also called Velvet Bean Extract. It might help you at least manage your condition. Not being able to sleep will drive you over the edge. So, don't wait until you get to the edge to do some research for yourself.

  • Hi there, I find magnesium helps with my RLS. I've been taking it in tablet form 250mg or more. I also use it in spray form if it's still causing me problems when I'm trying to sleep. It can tingle a bit for a few minutes, but soon settles down & seems to do the trick (apparently, the spray works more quickly than the tablets with it being applied directly to skin). You can buy both from Holland & Barrett, and online obviously. The spray costs about £9 or £10 from H&B, but probably cheaper online. I so feel for you having to suffer this at such a young age, and really hope you get some relief soon.

  • I think OP is in USA -

    Anyone can make up their own magnesium spray by mixing water and Epsom salts half and half by volume.

    ie - a cup of water and cup of epsom salts- the resulting 'oil' can be kept for months and used in the way described above.

    This works very well for rls in the legs.

    Haven't tried it on other body parts!

    Any observations to add to that ??? anyone??

  • If the OP is in america, he might be able to obtain kratom which does not require a prescription and can be very helpful as an 'as-and-when' remedy if rls becomes more difficult to cope with.

  • Please search this site and read all you can find on Mucuna Pruriens EXTRACT or Velvet Bean. This could end your misery.

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