RLS into and poss link to dehydtration?

Hi. I had RLS a lot when I was younger in my mid teens, when I called it fluffy leg and I thought I was the only one who had it. It seemed to reduce for a while but sadly now it is back with avengeance, I am now 41 and it has been quite severe for the last 8 years or so. I now also get it in my arms and shoulders. I seem to get it if I am tired or dehydrated. I def find it better if I drink a lot of fluids before bed but then that obvs brings it's own problems. I often can't sleep because of it despite being so tired or it will wake me up in the nights which then makes me more tired and then the RLS is worse! It is a vicious circle that is for sure.

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  • Sorry to hear you are going through all that,Are you on any medications??

  • No. I don't get it every day and as long as I get enough sleep it's generally ok

  • My grand dad faced same diffitculties for long.but after his introduction to Opioids,there was restoration.But it took several trials with the doctor,

  • For the bad nights when you dont get it every night, you ask your doctor for a mild pain med like codiene. If you,live in the UK you could also maybe try OTC Co-codamol which has a very small amount of codeine in it. Pain meds can be taken as and when needed, so you dont have to take them every night. Also check you have no triggers that set it off, some foods or drink or even otc med like colds med, anti-histamines can make RLS worse. Look at the rls-uk.org for more info on what can make RLS worse.

  • Sleeping on a regular schedule, exercising, stretching, massage, and applying heat or cold to your legs can help ease discomfort.

    Vitamins, supplements, and prescript meds was by far the major success

  • Please avoid pain meds at all costs. Science knows so MUCH about this disease that it almost seems silly to take pain meds or dopamine agonists. RLS is caused by BRAIN iron deficiency (not so much body). That lack of brain iron has led to a lousy dopamine transport system. Even when we don't have symptoms it is still lousy. So the littlest thing can trigger symptoms - melatonin, HRT, metformin, statins, antidepressants, antihistamines, even a bad back or a thyroid condition or rheumatoid arthritis. Or seemingly nothing at all. ALOT of people have found relief by taking one iron pill (preferably ferrous bisglycinate also known as Gentle Iron) on an empty stomach (away from all other supplements and medications) at NIGHT - meaning about an hour before bed. Put "Amazing, bisglycinate, RLS" into above search box and you can read more about it.

  • And as we always say....what works for one doesnt work for everyone. Taking iron what ever iron does not work for everyone. I dont want members on here to think they can just stop their meds take a iron pill and all will be well.

  • I did have low iron and that did help initially but I still get it when tired. It's the most frustrating thing.

  • I know what you mean. Certain types of iron just don't help me. Like ferrous sulfate. And no matter how high my iron stores get I still get RLS so I have gotten to the point where I just take iron (has to be ferrous bisglycinate) right when I need it. Only provides relief for one night. Like I said you have to put "Amazing, bisglycinate, rls" in search box. Just the fact that iron helped you at some point is great news and confirms the fact that RLS is caused by bad brain iron management.

  • hopkinsmedicine.org/neurolo...

    The above article discusses iron infusions. 50% of those receiving the infusions had moderate to great improvement. 20% had near complete recovery. So a FULL 70% benefited from iron infusions. However, I am not advocating infusions, I guess because I and many, many others have had fabulous results with the iron at night protocol.

  • Really pleased that the iron works for you, but like Elisse says, it doesn't work for everyone. I take iron bisglynate at night on an empty stomach and I still get jumpy legs every single night. Long may it provide relief for you.


  • Do you take it apart from the Gaba? 2-3 hours apart?

  • Yes, last gaba at 9 and then iron at 11.30. I'll stop the iron for a while to see if anything changes. Suspect I'll always have RLS due to scarring in brain caused by my MS. I eat a paleo diet ( no sugar, dairy, grains, alcohol, coffee) and I meditate and do brain retraining exercises 3/4 times a day as recommended by chiropractor.

    I've tried cannabis/kratom/mucuna/taurine/theanine, foot wraps, copper bracelets all to no avail.


  • Yes, thank you, your willingness to be a guinea pig will benefit all of us. If you find no change or that you are better without the iron then please let us know. Either way let us know. Not sure that having MS means there is no hope for RLS. I don't know that having MS is any worse than having spinal stenosis or arthritis in terms of aggravating your genetic RLS. On the bright side it sounds like your sheer number of sleep hours has improved over the last two months or so? Maybe you can push it to 7 or 8 by stopping the iron?

  • I will let you know and ,yes, you are right, my sleep hours have improved, mainly due to chiropractic exercises and stretches. I remain hopeful most of the time. I'm sure I can get to 7/8 hours eventually, even though it will be in several 2 hour chunks. I'm just lucky that I don't have to work any more as I know how difficult it must be for those who have to get up for work every day after a night of RLS.

    take care,


  • I hope Laura Flora takes note of the fact that chiropractic exercises has been of great help to you. Be well!

  • The other thing you might want to do is stop the iron completely since I assume you are not anemic. It may be making your other drugs less effective since iron does a certain amount of binding. You can always reintroduce later. No point in taking a supplement that is so clearly doing nothing for you.

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