Restless Legs Syndrome

my legs wont rest

im 54 now when i had my forth child 31 years ago i had problems with my legs i visited my GP he assured me it was a mild condition of pregnancy and would go after the birth ,well it hasn't ,at night soon has i feel tired it starts a crawling uncontrollable need to move ,(jerk) my legs-only thing that seems to work is to walk about continuously ,it goes off but soon has im in bed its off a gain and now im getting regular cramp in my legs at night i cry a lot cos i feel i cant take much more anyone have any ideas how to control it?

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Congratulations, clairemitchell , you have made the first step in getting your legs under control :).

So to start, welcome and relax, you are among friends. Know you are understood and not mad. Take comfort in the fact that many on here have eased their suffering though advice and support here. HELP IS AT HAND

There is so much support and information here you will get relief :). This place is a real treasure trove of information on RLS and its comrade in arms PLMD. Here you are going to take control of those bloody legs, get your sh1t together and ease your suffering, rejoice there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Can you give a bit of information about your situation, what your Dr says/prescribes treatments have you tried , and if you are taking vitamins/supplements and how you are managing and we can all chip in and share the wonderful knowledge here.

Take care


Hi Claire, have you visited the RLS-UK website:


Try Dihydracodiene I suffered like you now I'm fine they're addictive but worth it

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Clairemitchell, so glad you have joined us. First, have you seen a neurologist? I would do that immediately, I say that because I know how feel and it will not only give you the peace you need as well as the answers you seek. Please keep in touch so we know you are alright.


Check out the posts by Oolong and by White Buffalo that explain the need for iron in RLS people. They have links to/info from well respected institutions on the problems RLS people have, genetically it seems, with iron not crossing the blood/brain barrier properly.

I have had RLS since I was a child, on and off, better and worse. But I have found that the iron has been the key for me to keep the RLS under control, so it is very minimal and sometimes I do not feel it at all. I take 25 mg of Iron Bisglycinate, at night before bed! (it is useless if you take it in the morning.) Solgar Gentle Iron is the brand I take. Iron Bisglycinate is easily absorbed and non-constipating, as compared to other types of iron. It is available on Amazon UK (I checked as I am in the US.) Or a Health Food shop would have it. It is not expensive.

If I were you this is where I would start and see how it goes. Good luck! Cramps in your legs, or what we call a charley-horse, is often cause by not enough calcium.


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