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Hi all. I'm about to try CBD capsules for my RLS but I have no idea of the dosage which could be helpful. I have obtained them from a recommended source online. But there is no recommended dosage for RLS . Has anyone tried this treatment? If so, could you kindly share how much you take and how successful it has been. Thank you. Seasons greetings to everyone. Sending love and hope that you enjoy the festive season.x

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  • I used CBD oil got from CBD Brothers I think for pain. Might have helped a bit, i done nothing for my RLS - I think you need the full plant including THC and the other cannabinoids.

    Make sure your oil is made from proper sativa/indica cannabis and not hemp as it wont be as good.

    Dose wise I took 2/3 drops and held them under my tongue for 10 mins or so.

    GOOD LUCK let me know how you get on.

  • Thanks for replying Raffs. I too got mine from CBD Brothers. They are capsules. So I think I'll start with 1. Someone I know uses this for pain caused by fibromyalgia. I don't want to go down the route of full-on cannabis-at least at the moment-desperation may change that !I don't smoke so I'm guessing that could be a problem. I'll keep you updated.x

  • CBD brothers do a couple of different types of oil too.

    IF you are forced down the cannabis route you can make it into an oil, (using isopropyl) a tincture, (using vodka or any other strong alcohol) or melt it into butter and use it to make buns, (cook buns at low heat so cannabis is not destroyed). All these ways you 'eat' it and so avoid smoking it. Also you can vape too so although its like smoking its not as bad for you.

    Keep us posted and if you have any questions you can always PM me.

    Take care

  • Take it by mouth,don't need to smoke it,

    it will be delayed action though,1/2 hour to an


  • I tried the CBD blue edition oil but had no success . However, perhaps you have to persevere and I only used a couple of drops. Raffs is the expert adviser I think...let us know please, as I still have the botle!

  • Up the dose. There are no ill effects from the CBD I used CBD Brothers - White Edition 500mg (10ml). I was in desperate shape at that time - 18 hrs + of pain and severe RLS a day and so many thoughts of suicide!

    I don't think it done a huge pile but for placebo - I was so desperate if a Dr gave me water and told me it was morphine I would have jumped at it and likely got relief I was so desperate.

    I think we need the whole plant and if you watch the video Run from the Cure by Rick Simpson he uses cannabis oil - all of the proper cannabinoids - There are currently 111 known cannabinoids!!! He deals with treating cancer with cannabis and iirc talks about the need for the whole plant to use:

    Good luck.

  • That is a very good question. I am all for it although I know nothing about it. I am simply 'pro anything' that helps relieve the symptoms from this horrible disease. Even as we speak, I am in agony with my RLS waiting for my ropinirole to kick in. Once it does, everything is cool, but until then it is hell. (Love your holidays greetings!) xoxo

  • Cannabis is used all over the world for various reasons and is probably the oldest pain reliever known to man. Personally I think it should be legalised and then we could all some legal sleep once in a while.

  • I have no problem with the legality. So many things are against the law but for me morally right. My concern is if it is healthy and

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