Restless Legs Syndrome
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I am new to the forum but have had rls for over 30 years. It has got a lot worse since I had a severe back problem and had to be on pregabalin and then gabapentin (which was on no use anyway). I have now had an operation to cure the back but went on coding and tramadol for a few weeks which really upset the rls. Now off all pain mess but have had to go onto ropinerol for rls. Question, do the forum readers have any suggestions regarding dosage or when best to take them as I do not seem to be able to get on top of it?

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I would be concerned that none of - Pregabalin/gabapentin/ codeine or tramadol did anything for your rls.

That is generally the full range of really effective medications for rls.

Going from them to ropinerol would be regarded as a seriously retrograde move.

I think , before you go on the Rop , you should very seriously consider tramadol at the very least.


Hi Madlegs1,

I think I probably didn't explain myself very well. These were all taken during the last year for a severe herniated disc while waiting for fusion surgery which I had in March this year and during recovery. It's since coming off all of these that my RLS has gone nuts !!!! My Dopamine level must be completely shot ! I did sleep well on all of those but they made me so woolly headed and I nearly couldn't function at work. Coming off the Tramadol and Codeine was the worst as I had to have such a high dose for the pain after the operation.

Any thoughts on the Low Iron dose at bedtime ?


I was in similar situation 2 yrs ago. I was able to stay on oxycontin 10 twice a day. works well and no dopiness.

Iron works for some people. But I imagine your rls will have been ramped up after spinal surgery (as mine) - hence the need to get on a reliable long term relief medication.

Bis Glycinate seems to be the best - search Raffs and Nightdancer for more info. Or just Iron - on this site.

Good luck.


Ah thanks ! Nice to know when someone's been through similar.

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Yes- broke back in 3 places- rods and screws down most of spine. Lucky to be alive. Rls went berserk after I got off the Fentanyl. After being on Mirapex for a year I got augmentation. But luckily I was put on Oxy for the pain management . According to Dr Buchfuerer of I may expect to get relief for the rest of my life without danger.

So- all I can say to anyone in similar situation-is play up the pain factor and look for an opiate medication .



OMG you did have it bad ! I've got 4 bolts but pain free. Coming off the opiates for the pain has caused massive rls issues. Ropinerol has really helped but my rls is very sensitive now. Still experimenting with the dose.

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Good luck. 😎


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