Exercise bike

The night before last I had such bad pain in my legs I took a Zapain (30codeine/500 paracetamol) to supplement the other meds. It worked but I felt so spaced yesterday. Last night as I could feel the pain starting I started on my exercise bike (low tension) and it really held the pain in check. Today my legs feel tired as though I had cycled a long way. Can't have everything I suppose!

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  • Weird isn't it? I find that doing leg exercises using a resistance band and some strange balance exercises recommended by my Chiropractor help. I do them when RLS wakes me ( often 3/4 a.m.) If I can fall back to sleep within 15mins, I stay asleep for another 2/3 hrs. I'll try anything...

  • When my RLS is at it's worse (or if I catch it before then) I take a bath as hot as I can stand it and do leg stretches in the water. It almost always relieves my RLS. And when it doesn't it's usually because I stopped the bath too soon or the water wasn't hot enough... in which case I take another longer hotter bath and do more leg stretches. Works for my arm RLS too.

  • It's amazing what can help. I suppose we have to try everything and it's great when we find something that works!

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