Restless Legs Syndrome
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Sitting on floor in earth quake

Well , sitting on the floor here wiggling back and forth it's nearly 2 in the morning my backside is that jumpy don't know where to put myself ,,just had an earth quake 7. 0 the whole house was shaking felt like we were on a boat ,nothing fell off the selfs which is a bit strange ,that got other half up so went for a walk hasn't helped at all ,is anyone else getting RLS in hips and bottom ?not on meds at moment don't know what to do ,like a lot of you so b tired all I want to do is sit and cry ,night after night dread night time now which doesn't help ,waiting for everything to start over and over again

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Mopsy i have just seen on FB the news of that earthquake in NZ. I hope you are safe I am sorry you are suffering, but i really done know what to suggest for you considering you are not on meds right now. I did suggest codeine for you on another site, but seems that doesnt help. I can only tell you to try the usual stuff, hot baths, stretching, maybe magnesium which some say helps. never did for me. Menthol rubs or sprays which help me sometimes, those numb the legs for a while.

Hopefully other members have some ideas for you.

Hope you get that help soon and get back on a med which will help you.

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I'm adding a +1 to Elisses post. The hot baths/showers bring a little relief which is better than none.

I got an aromatherapy oil which didn't seem to do anything but my wife massaged it low onto my buttocks and that massaging helped for a while, might be worth trying massage.

Why no drugs? Is this a choice or has this been imposed upon you by inept Drs? Drug wise opiates and dopamine agonists but as Elisse has been chatting to you on other sites I assume you know this.

I am aware Kratom was made illegal in NZ as is cannabis but both are used sucessfully to treat the RLS is you can source any.

I am in the process of researching shilajit which has been rumoured to help CFS in mice but since it was an induced fatigue it wasn't CFS, ANYWAY, it helps promote energy,etc, etc and stops inflammation and pain so could be worth a shot and can be purchased from Amazon.whatever

Gentle Iron on an empty stomach in the evening has been helping people on here too. I take a huge variety of prescribed and non-prescribed drugs, vitamins and supplements. I take two prescribed drugs that should treat the RLS on their own but even with the two of them I do not get full relief :(

I walk up and down the stairs on me tip-toes if I have the energy and sometimes put my feet in cold water til I cannot bear it. Some Yoga stretched might help also.

I have RLS all over my body even feeling it through my groin. It can be so intense at times that I pray for death!!! That's said I know it will change IT WILL GET BETTER IT WILL EASE, if only for a while it is important to tell yourself that. I went through about 18 months drug free and it was sheer hell - 18+ RLS a day of severe RLS and pain. Only I have children I believe I would have killed myself it seemed to go on and on and never going to end. It is VITAL that you keep a mantra like "This will pass". "Everything changes this will not stay the same" to help prevent the depressing effects of this f**king horrible condition. Don't wait for it to start - get as active and as mindful as you can - do something very positive and uplifting late in the day before the shit starts and it can sometimes distract you enough to get through another couple of hours with limited suffering, (now don't pick sitting in a cinema :) ). Take a long walk, run, jog, swim - ANYTHING. I've found when the restlessness starts to get up around 5pm I go to my sons drums and batter on them between the intense concentration, (using 4 limbs simultaneously takes a lot of focus), the movement takes care of the sensations in my legs back and arms and is great to delay/mitigate the onset for a while.

We all need to be very aware of the very damaging effects on our psychological, spiritual and emotional well being of constant fatigue, insomnia, desperation, fear and pain. I understand completely how you feel and could cry for you as I know how alone and desperate it is at stupid o'clock in the morning jiggling and squirming trying to get some relief while a horrible thought whispers to you "This is you FOREVER". Got to fight that sh*t and realise you are not alone, if you haven't someone close by you physically who understands there are enough on here that do.

I hope you get some relief, take care and if you ever need to chat at anytime PM me, if I can help I will.


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