Three weeks without pacing the floor every night for hours!!!

I started taking Requip XL 4mg three weeks ago because my standard one was not available (out of UK at the time). Apparently the slow release is not used here for RLS but I managed to get it from my GP as I told her my symptoms were so much better. It's been three weeks now and I've had hardly any symptoms day or night! I know this might not last but I'm embracing the "peace" whilst it does. Anyone else take this med and if so any comments?

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  • No i dont take it but YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!!! for you. x x x x So pleased youve found something to help!!!

  • Thanks. Not holding my breath but not being pessimistic either. Any "time out" has to be appreciated!

  • And long may it work for you, glad to hear it :)

  • Thank you. As we both probably know most treatments are very short lived but any help is better than none,

  • Thanks for the good wishes. I will comment if and when there is any change. Good luck to all fellow sufferers of this very miserable syndrome.

  • great to hear, hope it works for a long time :)

  • Claps Hands, Cheers! Amen for sleeping most of the night! =)

    Keep us posted on how it's working out. I have a lot of hope for

    you that it keeps working for a long, long time.

  • That's wonderful to hear. I hope the relief continues forever!

  • Thanks you - so do I!!!!

  • RLS- I suffer with this and have for forty years. I was put on a Parkinson's drug called Risperole (Requip) which worked like magic at first. However It had dreadful side effects ( one was massive weight gain in only six months). I went on a site for natural remedies and read all the "stupid" comments about putting a bar of soap under your sheets in bed, it didn't work. However, I was so desperate that the next night I "wet" the soap and rubbed it all over the lower part of my legs and feet. I had the best night's sleep in years. I read somewhere that RLS can be caused by magnesium deficiency and guess what - the soap I used ( Dove, white) has a high part of magnesium in it. Have been using it now since 20th July 2013, and have not had one bad night with RLS. I feel it starting up before bed time now and again but, once I put the soap all over my legs ( and leave it to dry on all night) it disappears. I am sure it is not a placebo effect.

  • Sounds a good simple remedy. I hope it continues to work for you.

  • That is glad its worked for you !!

  • Correction meant to say REQUIP (Ropinorol not Risperole). Apologies

  • Knew what you meant. I was on the standard Ropinorol which eventually stopped working. The Requip XL is slow release and so far so good!!!!!

  • Thank you Vivek, brand new on here so making mistakes

  • Hi, I know that feeling too, drifting off to sleep without the 10 k run going on , you must be so happy, I also have the chronic back pain an take an ergot derived dopamine agonist called cabergoline, my GP eventually gave my Gabapentin for RLS, it worked for a bit but it robbed me of my ability to think clearly.

    Your Domamine agonist is not made fom a fungus as mine is I wonder what the actual difference is...........more things to read up on.

    Thanks for telling everyone.

  • The only difference with the Requip XL (Ropinirole) is that it is slow release. I was taking the immediate release dose at bedtime but getting the symptoms anytime from early afternoon onwards every day. With this one I am symptom free nearly all the time at the moment. I do take the max dose of 4mg and if this stops working I suppose I will have to try something else! It really is a dibilitating syndrome that needs much more understanding by the medical profession. I guess if the drug companies find a cure they will make millions!!!

  • Oh you are on a lot more than me, I only take half a gm three times a week, I take it to stop a type of brain tumour producing too much nasty stuff. I have previously posted this but I am now many weeks into RLS free life, I take a few homeopathic remedies and Passiflora , I still can't believe its gone.

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