Restless Legs Syndrome
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Varicose viens

I had my varicose viens done at Bradford Royal Infirmary. I thought I would have had compression stockings. The assisstant taped my leg from top to bottom in Tape like the cloth plasters that are hell to get off .You can imagine the problems getting it off.

Also it must be over a year and never had a follow up. It has helped whith RLS but they are coming back already.

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I've heard a few mention they had their veins done with little to no long term, or even short term success!

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The thing with RLS is, it is a nervous system disorder with no apparent cure. The only treatments are ones that affect the nervous system, such as B vitamins; magnesium; iron folate; opiates; and dopamine agonists. There are multiple anecdotal non medication remedies, which may work for you, ie: leg wraps, not the ones you had post operation.

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