Restless Legs Syndrome
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Restless legg symptoms-sensations in the groin

I am new here - but Has anyone eles had this? It is so embarssing I don't want to talk to anyone abt it. I tried with one Dr. who looked at me like I was crazy, but it is taking over my life day and night. I have had sever Fibro for over 30 years and I beleive this is an outgrowth of that neurogenic over stimulation. I have constant pain much of which is neuropathic. Any help here with psychotropic meds? The usual restless legg drug (starts w/ an R) did nothing. I have done all the eating, meds check, excercise, etc. Please help. Thanks all.

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I have them all over my body although not the groin per se more that the pain & sensations feel like they are radiating from my back to there. You experience anything like that?

If you've tried the usual gamut of drugs - dopamine agonists, benzos, opiates, etc then you may be in the position to try Kratom or Cannabis if easily accessible to you? Many on here have found benefit from both.

Sorry to hear things are so bad with you and hope you get some answers here.

Good luck.

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Thank you for the reply. Cannabis makes my anxiety sky rocket, but too bad as it does releive pain. However I dont know I have tried much other than Reqib (is that name?) and gabapentin. My 'creepy crawllies' as I call them, go from my groin out into my thighs and lower torso. However, sever back pain is the biggest most longstanding pain I have had. What is Kratom? I try to avoid opiates as much as I can as the long acting ones esp. make this creepy crawly stuff much worse. Again, thanks for taking the time to reply.

Best wishes


You are very welcome, yeah cannabis can be anxiety producing if harvested early or certain strains others can be useful for anxiety - also its easy to smoke to much and that will give you increased anxiety.

Remember utfse :) :

there are plenty of threads there that will link you to plenty of info as you will see there are some here like me pro Kratom and others against it. It works on the opioid receptors like but isn't a traditional opioid and has been used to help people stop taking stronger opioids.

There are plenty of drug options to be found following the treatment link on the left side of the page here:

I share the back pain too and pain in my knees and feet I can sometimes barely walk but the pain & uncomfortableness from the RLS is far worse, its an awful affliction.

There is plenty here that will be along sooner or later to help out.

BTW I assume you've had Iron levels checked and aren't taking other drugs that will make the RLS worse like many SSRI antidepressants?

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Yes, I get sensations tadiating from my back down my legs and a feeling of a full bladder( even after emptying it) about 3a.m or 4 a.m. combined with the jerky movements. I told the neurologist . He made no comment but he did send me for an MRI to see if I have a spinal cord lesion - I haven't. It just picked up some bulging discs and an unexpected cyst on my kidney. When I had an ultrasound the cyst had disappeared!


I have damaged discs also so maybe that is a common thing with them?


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