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Hi folks, so im just off the phone with my doctor, iv explained how my rls is a never ending problem for me lately and that it occurs all day and nite with me not having had any sleep in the last 48hrs, I also explained this forum and augmentation, she suggested an increase to which I said I didnt want that as it will only make my symptoms worse and it wasnt recommended, she said she wud check my medication history and get back to me, she has decided to increase it anyway tellin me she followed the recommended dose advised in the medical journal, im so deflated, I had hopes of something that was different, they weren't so eager to increase my morphine wen it didnt work so why do it with this, its a cop out and lack of knowledge in my opinion, iv an appointment in 2wks with a different doctor and I will b taking a printout explaining augmentation so they can see this is wot im suffering, now they want to refer me to a neurologist cause its not normal for rls to affect any other part of the body but this wdnt b happening if I wasnt suffering augmentation, why can they not see that, im so annoyed 😣

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  • So sorry your doctor was not helpful, she has much to learn about RLS. You are not the only one who has a doctor who doesnt know enough and listen to the patient. She is sooo wrong about RLS not affecting other parts of the body. You actually do not to be having augmentation to have RLS in other parts of your body. What happens with augmentation, if you didnt have RLS anywhere but your legs, then the RLS can then start up anywhere. Good luck with the other doctor when you see them. I hope they listen to you, seeing them face to face might help and armed with the info. Stand your ground.

  • That heading could start nearly ever post about a visit to a Dr! I have given up on them - they know little and want to know less!

    If you can get it try Kratom or Cannabis they will bring relief just be weary of the legal side, (btw a cross party committee of MPs brought evidence that showed how Cannabis was beneficial and less harmful than has previously been claimed and still its being refused - the f**king game is rigged).

  • Iv tried cbd oil and capsules for my rls but it never helped, infact I think iv tried everything, im at my wits end

  • CBD on its own isn't much use really. You need the goodies from the full plant, (whether extracted as an oil or smoked). Personally I hear good reports from high THC strains.

  • Once you can get a stupid doctor of yours to help you get off your dopamine and get through the augmentation, you WILL start to feel better anyone on here who has gone through the withdrawals of augmentation will tell you the same. :) Selleecharle when you get to your next appointment ask for Tramadol which will help you through the withdrawals and you have to wean down very slowly, it can take a few weeks up to a couple of months to get through it.

  • I will, thankyou, I was so annoyed with her, she was aware my ropinerole hav been increased in july so if it stopoed working from then then why wud u increase it, clearly its not right for me xx

  • Unfortunately alot of doctors dont know about augmentation so when a patient tells them its not working all they can think of is to up the dose. Which we now know is not the best thing to do as we know more about augmentation as time has gone by, so many people are suffering with augmentation i see it not just on this forum but other groups i belong too and i am Admin on two.

  • Raffs i saw that those MPs were going to bring it up about the medical cannabis but never heard the outcome. so thanks for that info on here.

  • Its sad on so many levels -

    1 it directly effects so many people some of whom are at their wits end and could have a good live, for some it may just save their lives but they cannot get it

    2 it shows the people in charge are not willing to help the people they are to look after PLUS they lack the ability to think logically, (less sickness = less benefits and more taxes = more money for MP's rent-boys), and all would win.

    3 Criminal gangs and cartels around the globe make BILLIONS from it encouraging violence.

    4 People are prevented from growing it legally here creating jobs

    5 Govt. could tax wages and cannabis and monies raised could be used to develop a better country, (health care, education, transport, lower tax.

    6 I believe less people would drink alcohol, (moving into the realms of recreational use), therefore less physical and societal problems.

    Yet the UK government refuses to have a legalise and change things!! To quote the kids of today - WTF! I would feel very bloody stupid if I had voted for a government that were 'this effective' and very upset if my 8 year old couldn't grasp the concept!

  • I only think it should be used for medical conditions not for recreational use. Just my opinion.

  • If you drink alcohol, (which in fairness most of us here can't do) you will be taking a much more dangerous drug recreationally! Cannabis is relatively harmless used by adults on an occasions just like many other drugs.

    I used to be against recreational cannabis use until I found out a bit more about it and its effects both short term and long term and found out they were a lot less dangerous than govet. sanctioned drugs.

  • Totally agree Raffs!


  • I tried kratom ( although it's now illegal in UK since May 2016) and although it worked first time, the next time I tried it I had explosive black diarrhoea. Not recommended. I agree with you on the cannabis. In the USA they have specific strains that are helpful for RLS. I really like the sound of one - Space Dawg!

    One day our Gov may realise cannabis might be better and safer for us than the morphine and dopamine available to us now. Wishful thinking!


  • I used Kratom regularly for months, (and stopped abruptly with no withdrawal symptoms) and found good benefit with no side-effects, (are you sure the misfiring back passage was Kratom and not food related?).

    I have a stash now since the ban so when the prescribed drugs stop working I can have relief while the Drs dick about looking for a solution!!

  • Maybe I got a dodgy batch of kratom. Agree that medical profession need to do a lot more for us and find a solution soon.


  • Its horrible I got sent to hospital and gave me psychotic drugs said it would help with legs and cluster headaches

    Never took them believing my migraines but my RLS look at me like I was stupidsorry for you but just know that's what happens what can we do ? To change this x

  • Your doctor is very wrong. You can get RLS anywhere. I even had it in my face when augmenting on dopamine agonists.

    I hope you find a more helpful GP and find a med that works.

    Good Luck with bringing your GP up to speed,


  • Sillecharle- that's very frustrating! Hope the new doctor is better and more up-to-date in his/her medical knowledge of RLS!

  • Face to face il b sure to get my concerns across about just upping the dose, if its been increased already surely that tells u it isnt workin, thankyou, il keep u posted

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