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21 with rls

I'm 21 and have been suffering from rls as long as I can remember but only recently found out what it was, just put it down to dry skin etc. I don't have it as bad as some on here I get it bad maybe 2 or 3 times a month. I haven't gone to the doctor about it yet as I'm afraid they won't know what it is. Would really appreciate someone's advice u really do feel alone when nobody you know knows what it feels like. It really is hell.

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Hi Leanne - welcome to the site.

I had what you are experiencing when I was young. I call it ' reactive RLS' in that the rls is triggered by an external factor. In my case I kept a food diary and came to the conclusion that the following were triggers.

Rising agents- baking powder etc ( that's most biscuits , and some breads)

Salt- high salt foods .

Sulphites- some beers, cider and also dried meats.

Something in smoked salmon and pork is really bad.

There are more - but those are the main ones.

Food colourings etc also have an effect on my body- but not as rls - more like the effect of caffeine.

Hope this helps.

Also - I now know from the good info on rlsuk that there are medications such as antihistamines that also set off the rls.

Good luck- and feel free to come back with any questions.


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Hi Leanne

I've suffered from RLS all my life, but only realised in my mid to late 40s that that's what it is. Unlike Madlegs I've never found an association between food and RLS. Some people say that caffeine and alcohol can be triggers for them, but I wasn't swigging coffee and alcohol as a child, and my symptoms were at their worst then! I found in later years that it was more triggered by my monthly cycle, ie PMS brought on RLS. I also found any kind of stress could trigger RLS too.

Do go and see your GP, they're much more educated than they used to be, and if that particular GP is ignorant make an appointment with another one.

I was prescribed Tramadol for sciatica and found that my RLS disappeared, but came back with a vengeance if I stopped taking it. I then discovered on here that Tramadol is used to treat RLS. So I'm still taking it, more to stop RLS than to stop pain, but for both reasons really.

Hope you find something that helps you.

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Hi and welcome, could you give us a bit more information eg do you have a family history of RLS? Do you take any other medications for anything else? As you only get RLS couple of times a month I would steer away from meds you need to take on the daily basis so that rules out alot of treatments. I would suggest prescription strength Co -Codamol to start off with and take it at the very first signs of RLS starting up. Plus get your GP to test your Ferrartin iron levels and come back and tell us what the result is, Don't accept "normal " as a result, you need to know the actual number. .Pipps x

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As things go the medical industry help 'manage RLS', but a cure does not seem to be arriving anytime soon.

All the posts describe the same condition for us all, just a different management system,

My management is with Glen Mark's 'Ropinirole', which has returned to a stable supply after 12 months, GP's have tried me with 'Pramipexole' and then 'Pregabalin' (or Prega-Prami?) Both as much use as a 'Chocolate Spanner'!

RLS takes the 'Knee Jerk' reaction to new levels.

Others here in this Forum, describe all the effects of RLS including the anti-social evening's and dining out period's,

At 21 you may see a cure in your lifetime, but don't hold your breath.

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