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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Visit to neurologist

Hey, a few monthsago I posted about my 83 year old father who has suffered with rsl for about 50 years. He detoxed from pramiraxil and went onto gabapentin.

We saw the neurologist on Monday. Firstly the neurologist felt dad should be taking pregabalin and has swapped him over. Secondly he did neurological tests and found that dad has neuropathy in his legs, this neurologist seems to be clued up, dad also suffers from coeliac and this may cause the neuropathy. Extensive blood tests have been done to find other causes for this and hopefully treat with medication.

Dad will now also try melatonin.

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That's great to have proceeded a bit further on the road. And good to get a Neurologist who seems to be on the ball and following up.

Hopefully the tests will help sort out any underlying issues.

It's good to be moving on.

Thanks for the update. Did the Neurologist say anythng about the magnesium?



Magnesium levels are bieng tested in the bloods


Its going to be a long process because the new medication is bieng slowly introduced over 3 weeks. And still nothing from the blood tests.


Thank you for your post, I found it very helpful. I am due at long last to see a Neurologist 22nd August. Having waited this long I really hope I get someone who is sympathetic to RLS and knowledgeable. Please keep us updated.


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