It's only been 3 days, but you should try this !

Hello everyone, its been 3 days without rls, and i am only wrapping the half of my feet with a cloth, from just ubehind the toesup to the arch, just tight enough so it dosn't fall off, i am going to give it a week and see if it's still working, and if it is i may try a stretchy foot sock instead. here's hoping :) xx

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  • Patent it quickly! 😈

    Now , just imagine, if you could get a strip of that bit of ould sheet they have in some Turin Church ----------''---!!!!!!!!!!😆

  • Hello, i know it would be great ! :)

  • Well done hope it works for you,bet we will all be looking for an old sheet I would let us know xx

  • I tried the wet socks once but got really annoyed with them.....hard to keep on the towel if you are restless....but good luck...

  • Hiya. ....can I ask how long are you wrapping your feet up for?


  • I think its 5 days :) but you need it quite tight so it dosn't fall off, but not too tight to stop circulation. i have been rls free for those few days, hope it carries on. :)

  • Hello I really hope this works for you I really do. I have been tormented now for over 40yrs and was not too bad to start with But now it's severe I have tried the foot remedy, sadly no release. Cleaning kitchen cupboards now as I can't sit down. So many people suffering you would think more research would be available x

  • Are you just wrapping with something other than elastic bandages, like strips of cotton cloth? Have you placed within the wrap anything else that would put pressure on certain points of the foot? Would you care to keep us all informed?

  • hello, i did use elastic bandage last night, and that worked too, as long as its tight enough not to fall off, but not to restrict the circulation, I have not tried anything els apart from a muslin strip or elastic bandage, just wrapped round my feet from the arch down to just before my toes. hope this helps ? It also worked with the elastic bandage :)

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