Restless Legs Syndrome
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Hi I am new to this forum

I was diagnosed with Rls several years ago but just found this site. My symptoms arenow including my arms and torso. It has always been frustrating but it's getting harder to cope with.

I take amitryptoline for my legs but it is not effective.

I use heat on my legs but it isn't effective on my arms.

What do you take or do to help?

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I forgot to mention that I also have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with compressed median nerves in my wrists, elbows and neck. It's probably unrelated but though.


You are on the right forum for help,they say Amitryptoline are the worst for rls so get of. Those as soon as you can,after years of different meds I am now on the patch and Tramodol works good most of the time nothing is 100 per cent ,good luck x

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I also have had RLS for years and over the past couple of years started getting it in my hands and arms as well. I find it particularly annoying when its in my hands and arms because the only thing I can do is wring my hands or rub them whereas when in my legs I can get up and walk, jump up and down or jiggle them. What a bunch we are who have RLS. We are in constant movement. I can relate. I take Percocet which does help and take a half a pill during the evening over a period of time. Usually at the end of the night or around midnight I will have taken three halves. I also find that different meds affect people with RLS differently. What may work for one may not work for another. Its a experiment thing until you find one that works. then one med may work for awhile then stop working. I have been on just about all the meds used for RLS and am now just taking the Percocet and Iron. I certainly hope you find the right meds and or combination that works for you.


Look at the RLS-uk website, it tells you in no uncertain terms that Amitryptilene is the worst possible drug for people with RLS. Most GP`s don`t know this, but you will improve when you come off it.

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