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Help with pregabalin

Just wondering...

Have been new medication to try pregabalin. Is there anyone on the forum that uses this medication for their RLS. Just interested to know when you take it and what dose you take. The only instructions I have are, take one daily, increasing by one daily to max 3 twice a day (50 mg). Have never taken RLS medication in the morning before as this implies.

Thank you

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Hi I take Pregablin ( Lyrica ) but I take it for pain, it does not seem to help my RLS but some people find it does help. Like Gabapentin it seems to be one of those meds that either works really well or not at all so you can only try it out and see. I take 75 mg in the morning and 150 mg at night . It does take a couple of weeks to build up to full strength . How are you doing with it ? ..Pippins2 x


Thank you for your reply Pippins 2. Only on day 2 of 50 mg at the moment so its not even touching the pain yet! Trying to build it up slowly as suffered with heartburn last time i tried to take it. My GP has never used it for RLS before so was unsure of the dosage.


50 mg is very low and I would have been suprised if it had helped at all but it is a med you have to build up slowly so I hope it helps at a higher dose. Have a tried Tramadol? x


I have been on tramadol right through withdrawal off pramipexole and was looking for a drug to replace pramipexole. Right now, I have symptoms constantly but that could still be withdrawal.


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