foot pain and RLS

Hi just joined today as I wondered if anyone else has foot pain along with their RLS Ive been prescribed Ropinerol by my docs which is great and I can now sleep at nights how ever it runs out mid morning the following day and spend the whole day suffering

also I have to eat with the medication or else I get really bad side effects for about 2 hours after sweats feeling really tired feeling sick and jut wondered what anyone else takes or if anyone else has foot pain to

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Hi and welcome to the forum! Yes I have foot pain normally in my left heel. I have recently got a Paingone pen and that helps


I get foot cramps at times and I have noticed my feet will hurt. The medicine I take right now is meripex extended release and I take it around 5:30 in the afternoon. This has helped me be able to stay up and do things like normal people instead of taking my medicine and having bad side effects and having to go to bed so early because if I wouldn't lay down I would be sick. I couldn't go out anywhere at night because if I took my medicine the night was over that's no way to live. I remember I got together with a group from high school and we were together for the weekend this was before my extened release medicine. I had to go to bed early while everyone stayed up made me feel so weird and I didn't get to enjoy as much because of that. Want happen anymore if I thought I had to take medicine that makes me feel that way I would have to stop it because I want to live a full life 😊 not one controlled by my medicine Drs should consider that when they prescribe our medicine. I love sharing I hope I can help others because I know how this feels plus I know everyone helps me and I appreciate that so much


I agree with Artsy an extended release pill would be a better option for you if you get symptoms in the morning. .Ropinerole is available in extended release or Neupro patch would be an even better option. I don't get foot pain but I do get RLS in my left foot. ...Pippins2 x


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