The benefit of Experience

The great advantage of this forum is peoples actual experience, plus words of encouragement. I am managing a lot better by picking up information off the forum and making my own mind up and lucky my GP has an open mind and we can discuss my treatment.

I have primary RLS since my teens now aged 79, been on 3x1mg Rapinirole about 12 yr now cut back to 1-5mg with help of 2x50mg Tramadol with much better control of my RLS

A big thank you to all who contribute.

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  • Yay!!! Im so happy for you...i too find ppls experiences so helpful...i knew nothing about iron needing to be absorbed into the brain not jus in ur system before joining this forum....for instance...i thought i was the only one with rls so severe that iv needed ambulances on more than one occasion...there is support for us all if u kno where to look...or in my case stumble across accidentally... im not even in the UK...imma aussie

  • I'm in Melbourne Airport just now. First longhaul flight I've ever been on without restless legs. Bliss. Bless oxycontin.

  • Oxycontin? Am flying to Australia new month, should I get some? x

  • Some form of opiate- long acting- either Tramadol or Oxycontin will see you through 10-12 hrs flight. I'm getting by with oxycontin 5 for 14 hr flight. And I know when I don't take it.

    Tramadol will be easier to get but I reacted badly to it- so might be an idea to try out before you actually fly.😂Good luck.

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