Who is the censor?

Two posts seem to be blocked- Pippins2 and Saw. Whats going on? If the moderator doesn't want us to access these then please don't  put them up -it's frustrating and timewasting-- I'm in a slow internet access area- so it takes time to download stuff. 

I'm genuinely  interested in Pippins , and curious about a saw- I  have felt like il'd  like to saw off my legs plenty of times- just the blood everywhere puts me off😠😢.

Seriously - please sort it out. 


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  • I'm having trouble trying to get them to ?

  • I agree Madlegs, this seems to be an issue on all HU forums, not just this one.

    As I understand it (which obviously means I could well be wrong!) if you get the "Ooops" message and a post disappears it's usually because either the poster or admin have deleted it.

    Personally I think it would be helpful if a poster deletes a page then nothing appears at all.  Alternatively if admin delete a page it would be helpful to all, including the poster, if the "Oops" message included something like "Deleted because it contained a link to an advert which is not allowed" or something like that.  Although I also think if the body of a post is just helpful advice, why not allow the post but just delete the link, if that's the reason for not allowing the post.

    If it's a case of a glitch in the system why is it that the frequent glitches on HU don't seem to affect everyone at the same time.  Very odd.


  • Agree fully- although I think this is a Pippins2  issue as she is the common theme- subject of one and poster of the saw one- so they are not spurious. Which makes me more troubled-- is she being held hostage somewhere by the evil anti RLS forces and trying to get help? What can we do to help her??? At leadt it's  taking  my mind of the legs.!😠

  • she is fine. :) Just a bad night. There HAVE been technical issues, though on other things, not just Pippins. But, will not go into it. 

  • Pippins2 removed her posting because she could not get a cartoon to load. I know this because she mentioned it in a reply to another posting this morning.  The posting from Pippins2 about a saw was probably deleted by her too if it has disappeared.  As far as I can see there is nothing to sort out as Pippins2 removed her own postings.

    On the few occasions I have deleted a section of a posting I have put in brackets that I have done so.

  • Ah dear- and I  was just getting  into my conspiracy theory syndrome mode.

    Anyway- I hope  all is well. Cheers. 

  • the thing is the admins here are kind of at the mercy of the health Unlocked web site. They out their group on here, but they have nothing to do with how the web site is run or how it works, to be really fair. They can only delete or "restrict" someone. So, I am going with glitches for now.

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