Restless Legs Syndrome
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Hi I am new here and wondering if anyone has taken any medication other than sedative type successfully, I am very sensitive to anything like this and have hangover even with 10 mg amytriptilyne, I have my unwell mum to look after and can't risk being anything but as alert as pos. The lack of sleep and pacing around at night is getting too much now but don't know what to do for the best. 

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Hi Suzytewel and welcome. Many of the drugs have side effects such as drowsiness although on the plus side many fade after your body gets used to the drug. Dopamine drugs in my experience are less sedating but as everyone is individual best guess I can give you is trial and error. 

Some good information here, (check link to treatment at left side of page)

I'm sure others will be along with more advice soon, good luck.


Hi suzyjewel,  as raffs has said most of the meds do seem to cause sedation and can  disappear after a week or two, or for the unfortunate can stay.

Amitriptyline is a med that can for most RLSers make RLS worse.

Look at the website which raffs posted.   The treatment page has lists of what is available for RLS and what to avoid, many people can be taking a med or OTC med which they dont know could be making things worse.


Elisse is right. Amitriptyline is one of the meds high up on the "no no" list for RLSer's. It will make 99.9% of us worse, noting there are always a few exceptions. That is the med that made my RLS so bad it was the only time I was actually suicidal. Was prescribed them for prevention of migraines before I knew what RLS was back in the mid 90's. Then I got my first computer, and bam! The first search I did was "restless legs" after 4 nights with no sleep, and found the foundation and also Dr. Buchfuhrer's web site, which was about all we had in the mid 90's. But on his web site he has a comprehensive list of Drugs to Avoid on the treatment page.  It will also show you on that page what is used to treat RLS. The doses on the dopamine meds are a bit outdated, not down to the new recommended therapeutic doses, but many classes of meds can be tried. Lots of us have tried everything on the list, and the only things that work for me is the opiate pain meds, and I literally have tried everything else in the last 22 yrs. So, that is a good place to start researching, No one med works for every person, so that is one thing to keep in mind. That is one thing that makes treating RLS is so difficult.

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Thank you all for advice, appreciate it.😀


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