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Since I joined the group of which I am grateful of There seems to be a

lot of drugs that that seems to vary depending on where you live and the experience of your doctor. After another run of no sleep in desperation I remembered that my wife had been on tramadol I rummaged around her medicine box and fond 2 50 miligram tablets I have also been prescribed zopiclone sleeping tablets which do not work for RLS but last night I took one with the tramadol. I slept all night.my wife said i woke her up twice shouting and holering. Changing the subject finding this group is great I feel like I am no longer alone thanks

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  • I know what you mean - at least here people know what I'm suffering.

    I would use Zopiclone at times just to knock me out. The Tramadol for me was quite effective for years, it might be worth speaking with your G.P.

  • I to think I've come to the end of the tablet I'm on to,,they only used to make me sleep better but need something more now like you I don't think we can get some of the tablets mentioned on here, thought I might try something like Tramadol if the doctor will prescribe , but so tired of waking up groggy in the morning, clonazapam which I am on ,only makes me want to sleep in the morning but I think Tramadol will do the same

  • Clonazepam has a very long half life, which means it stays in your body a long time. That is one reason why you're groggy in the morning, it stays in your system for up to 40 hrs! Tramadol is a totally different med and only stays in your system fro about 6 hrs, that is why it can be taken every 6 hrs, it is much shorter acting. So, it will not chemically do the same thing to you. I have been taking Clonazepam for 10 yrs, and I do not have the groggy issue, but most do.

  • So that would mean that Tramadol on its own wouldn't stay in the system long ,and would need to take every 6hrs , do you take anything as well as your clonazepam ? And do you go up and down a scale depending on how you are,, like up to 4 tabs when bad and down to 1 and half the odd time when your going through a good patch ,which is very seldom for me now ,sorry but your the first person that I've spoken to that takes clonazepamas well as tabs for other things

  • no problem on asking that question! ;) The pain meds I take are hydrocodone ( which is not available in the UK) which is short acting, and slow release morphine, which I faithfully take every 12 hrs. The hydrocodone is a short acting pain med, has a shorter half life than even Tramadol. So, THOSE, I take as needed, and usually have to pick between pain control or RLS control. Clonazepam, I can take 2 .5 mg tabs a day. I normally always take one in the evening. If my legs are getting that "pre RLS" buzzing ( that is what I call it) then it is 2 Clonazepam. Do not take it during the day. I have a malabsorbtion issue with everything, so it does depend every day what does I take. I have to take the morphine, my back has been abused by too many surgeries (broke it at the age of 14) and also neck surgeries. So, chronic pain is a way of life for me, plus the RLS. the morphine is always on schedule, like my blood pressure pills. The only time I go off schedule with that is if i have to drive. Been taking it for 12 yrs, so I feel NO effects from it at all, but still would not want to end up in an accident and have a high level of morphine in my system. But like I said the clonazepam and the sort acting pain med, I take as needed. Hope this helps. ;)

  • Thank you

  • My Dr said that tramadol has been scheduled and wants to wean me off it

  • Zopiclone is our Ambien in the US. Watch our for that, if your wife says you woke her up hollering. People can sleep walk, sleep talk, sleep eat, sleep shop and even sleep DRIVE when taking it and it does not sound like you had a good reaction to that one. Tramadol will not do that to you, it is the sleep med. You are right, though, it may help you sleep, but will do nothing for RLS, as it is not a med that can help that. Maybe better for you to try a different sleep med, since that is kind a bad reaction to it. Tramadol can be magic for some people with RLS. I was taking it for years for pain , and it took care of my RLS 90% of the time, but after a few back surgeries, had to go up to stronger pain meds, and now those take care of my RLS also. Tramadol is synthetic opiate, so it is more likely a doctor would prescribe that before something stronger. No one med works for everyone with RLS, and that is one reason it is so hard to treat. it is all trial and error.

  • Thanks I will speak to my doctor but I have to wait for an appointment four weeks.last night I did not have any problems with RLS first time in months 😊

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