Restless Legs Syndrome
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Just started taking ropiniirole 0.25 three times a day for RSL feeling a bit dopy has helped with the pain but can still not sleep all night. Was also given slow release tramadol and zopiclone to see what works with ropiniirole is anyone taking both and can they sleep I have not had a full night sleep for a year and pain in legs day and night. Runs in the family any replies would be welcome.

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I've taken Mirapexin,(a similar type of drug) and Tramadol and until the side-effects of the Mirapexin got too bad it worked quite well.

Hopefully the combo will work.


What are you taking now and have you found anything that works, will tramadol work on its own thank you for replie


Yeah it will work on its own.

I now use a mix of Targinact and the Neupro patch - I still get restless days but not as many and not as bad.


hi Frances 1 I take repinarole been on it for a few MThs know but after being on it. it has suddenly stopped working for me (On two mgs at night) but keep going girl 0.25 is the smallest does when you start to increase it you will notice a difference,


I found that Ropinerole worked for a time then had to be increased. I am now on 4 mg of Ropinerole, 2 mg of Cloproxamine and Tramadol and still have 2 or 3 bad episodes a week at least. I don't know where there is to go from here. Done the soap under the mattress just in case.



I found that I was able to reduce Ropinirole to just one 50mg tablet and supplemented with one 50mg Tramadol.

However I sometimes suffer from itchy legs which keeps me awake!!

Can anyone let me know if Targinat reduces itching


Zopiclone only works for very short time. See my other posts for what else I take.


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