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Restless Legs Syndrome

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Has anyone been getting ( it feels like ) sore muscles right at the end of your bottom where your leg starts , after you have been bending over for a while ( perhaps gardening ) this started with me a few weeks ago and I thought it's just muscle I haven't used for awhile but am still getting it ,starting to wonder if it's arthritis or whether it might be a part of RLS ?

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Hi Mopsy, when I garden on my knees and when I get down on the floor to play with my grandchildren it seems to instigate the RLS and then I have to get up and walk it off. The feeling is like you say, it starts at the bottom of your bottom, it can be quite painful, i do I try not to get down on the floor, you miss out a lot not being able to play. RLS has a lot to answer to. Cheers Jimeka

Mopsy1950 in reply to jimeka

Hi jimeka does it carry on aching well after you stopped bending ?i find even a couple of hrs later it's still there I feel it even when I sit, Haven't heard from anyone else on the subject as yet

jimeka in reply to Mopsy1950

Mine depends on how long I have been in the kneeling position. The longer I am knelt down the worse it is and the longer it takes to wear off. At this point in time I would normally pop 3 distalgesics, the ones that dissolve on your tongue, I find that when they have got into my system the RLS is subdued . I don't know what you are taking but I am on pramipexole, pregablin, oxycodone, and cocodamols with the dissolvable distalgesics when I need them. With this combination I am not pacing the floors like I used to and I get some sleep. Hope this helps Mopsy, have a good day, here in the uk the wind has finally dropped, so maybe get some fresh air today. Cheers Jimeka x


hi there have you had your sciatic nerve checked, please let me know because it sound like what i've got which is trapped sciatica nerve damaged, i pray it isn't take care look forward for your reply Alan

No I haven't Alan but will when I go back do you have X-rays for that?

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