Restless Legs Syndrome

A practical therapy

I have suffered RLS for about 15 years. It appears to be a slowly progressive disorder. The symptoms are worst at the end of the day, and whilst at rest. Some days are better than others, without any apparent reason. Bad days conclude with very little sleep while legs move uncontrollably to an extent which is almost like torture.

For the last 8 years I have been on a drug, pramipexole. At first low dose, now as the disorder progressed, at the highest dose. Came to a head last autumn when "max" dose had become ineffective. GP sent me to consultant who's only advice was to increase the dose by 50%! Whilst not good value for a £200 appointment, it did at least force me to seek alternative advice.

I asked around at physios and came across "Muscle Roller Stick", shaped like a very stretched and thin rolling pin with an independently free rolling series of rollers. If you type Muscle Roller Stick into a common internet sales website, you will quickly find them available at circa £15.

On a very bad day, and keeping at my "max" dose of pramipexole (NOT the extra 50%), I will use the roller stick on my calf and upper leg muscles using very firm pressure over a very slow rolling movement for about 15 minutes or more. I can feel muscle tension as I press, which starts pretty painful, but during the exercise the discomfort releases.

Even on a bad day this works a treat! I have intuitively learned how long to persevere each evening.

I realise a therapy does not work with all people in the same way, so it may not do the business for you. But it is worth a try!

Wishing you well!

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Thank you for your suggestion. I am glad it is giving you some relief. Also glad you didnt take the extra 50% Pramipexole, as it is you are taking too much. The max dose has now changed to only taking .25mg this is from the RLS experts.


Thank you. My rls has been better for awhile. I credit it to supplements and clonidine. I'm going to check this out though. I've seen some symptoms raising their ugly heads lately and am always open to possible treatments.


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