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My new life without rls


Hello to all rsl sufferers

Iv had this condition as long as I can remember.. it has never been diagnosed by a doctor ! Doctors say i have anxiety. Yet im not stressed and not worried about anything i think its an easy diagnosis to get me out of the door without investigating !! It comes and stays for a few weeks then it dissappears well that is what it did do but then over time it has become more and more persistent.. I get it all over my body I describe it as wires pulling from inside the very core of my body it's a physical pain ..

The condition has been responsible for relationship breakdowns as I struggle for reasons for it

But !!!! This might just be me but!! I have been having magnisium tablets 2 in mornings 3 before bed and a spray of manisium here and there and well, I'm bloomin great really really great, sleeping solidly non of the horrific feelings that tortured me whenever I tried to relax I'm feeling totally renewed my brain is not buzzing I think clearly

I hope that other people with this awful condition will try this and that it helps them .. ps iv got some bath flakes to try apparently magnisium is best absorbed through the skin!! Good luck

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That's awesome! Long may it continue!

three cheers for magnesium :-)

So pleased for you. I have started magnesium spray and things semm better. I’ve just made my own using equal quantities of water and Epsom salts.

I found Magnesium helps me. It's not a cure (for me anyway) but taking it orally lessens the number of attacks and the severity. I make magnesium oil and when I have a full blown attack.

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Agree wholeheartedly! Magnesium tablets were the first thing I found that calmed my movements. Magnesium oil is great too!

Spookydave in reply to Hidden

Thanks jess another good idea il find some of that oil myself I do hope this continues to help as imuch promoting it heavily 😲 reassuring to hear your on to it too 😊

Bloody brilliant. Long may it continue

May I ask the dosage of the Mg you're taking. Thrilled it's working for you. I'd like to try it too.

Hi there carrying on from a previous conversation.. I was wondering if you have given magnisium a go and if so has it helped your condition? 🤔 I'm now using 375mg boots tablets and having 2 shortly before bed and things are still good for me 😊 ??

I'm taking Solgar 400 mg of magnesium combined with 26 mg of vit. B6 twice a day. I don't know how much good it's doing since I'm also taking carbo/dopa and gabapentin which is controlling my rls pretty well. I'm afraid to stop taking it anyway since the carbo/dopa could stop working any time. (I hate taking it.) It's wonderful you're getting relief from your rls with just two mag. tablets. Hope it continues for you.

Ah I understand I wouldn't like to try coming off something that's helping me either I dread the thought of having it full blown again 😨 magnisium can only do you good anyway glad to hear you have some success there 😊 long may it continue

Hi yes well I started on some tablets from the health shop and I think they were low ones iv thrown the bottle but it was Holland and barret and It said to take 3 at a time .. I'm now on Asda ones and have checked them and they are 320 mg and it says to take one a day perhaps I'm rather overdoing it now 😲 that said the body doesn't actually absorb that much of the dose (apparently) I'd make sure you take a couple at least before bed or a bath in the flakes also epsom salts are supposed to be the same good luck I hope it helps in your case let me know how you get on 🙄

Thanks, I will.

Magnesium is not just good for RLS it is extremely useful for those who stand for long periods of the day and it has been associated with helping natural sleep. Whilst it isn’t specific to that and would never advocate it as a sleep remedy but it can certainly help. B12 can help also for energy.

My Grandma used to take Epsom salts or bathe in them I’m not sure. I never knew why.

Thank you very much for posting. I just LOVE this post: ‘bloomin great, really really great’ - it’s so joyful! I am delighted for you, Dave, and you are making me wonder about trying magnesium again. I thought it might be making my Rls worse but I’m not sure I gave it enough of a chance. I want to be bloomin great like you.

Ha ha funny that 😁 well if you try it again make sure your having enough of it I think I just need more than the recommended ,though reduced to 2× 375mg last thing at night now and all bloomin super 🤔😊

Hello Spooky, how are you doing now?

If you have had this condition forever it is Primary RLS. You don't say how old you are, but Primary RLS has a way of becoming worse over time. Just be mentally prepared to add to your wonderfully successful regimen. Forewarned and all that.

Ah interesting point about primary RLS

I'm 53 .. iv had a recurrence of my symtoms but only for a few nights I put it down to extreme buisness stress and upped my magnisium and have straighten out again I'd hate for it to come back properly it reminded me how horrific it is ..

Magnesium was the first medication I took, and it worked brilliantly for 6 months. I hope it lasts forever for you, good luck.

Whhat is the mg dosage of magnesium u take?


You account just goes to show how crazy RLS is; what works for one person creates a living hell for others! Magnesium makes my RLS far worse!

I so wish more research would be done and would gladly offer myself up as a guinea pig for research.

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