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Place of Residence

Hi, think I may have mentioned this before, but is there anyway we could (if we so desired) to have after our Names, our place of residence in the world. That way we would know what time it is wherever it is (if waiting on a reply, or needing help in the early hours of the morning). It could be that we may be communicating with someone right next door to us.

Also, I want to change my User Name and still havent had any success in doing so. I dont think I read all the instructions properly when applying to you. I always rely on all you wonderful people and definitely need someone to talk to a lot.

Im 63, female, alone and live in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

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Morning, my name is Shona ,I'm 62 and live in Scotland so I'm not next door but have the Internet is second best . It's 9.30 am .


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Putting my postal code in was a Health Unlocked suggestion for finding who is in my area. Think I have gone off at a tangent sorry not sleeping or thinking well at the moment.


~Guess those who wish to, or when it is especially relevant, could add "GB" or "US" or "Oz" etc to their user names... or just add it in brackets when posting.

Aspmama. English.


I think it would be easier if we sign off at the end of our replies with the country we are in. USA


I agree. That way we wouldnt have to go searching through everything to find the place of residence. It is too hard for me to remember where everyone is from.


A Princess Mary fan?


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