I am in Tasmania Australia and started taking Sifrol. It actually worked for 6 weeks which was amazing, but now back to having attacks of Rls every night. Mine is severe ad painful, with arms, neck shoulders uncontrolled. So far I take 10mg Valium, but that is just keeping a li do things I think . Back to doc to try next thing. Ps - Sifrol will cause scary nightmares and alertness, but not sleepiness with me. But get sleepy during day. I've turned nocturnal and it's tiring. Don't want to live like this any more. Had enough. Janet.

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  • Janet, I know how you feel, please research Kratom, much much safer than anything the Drs will give you and for someone that has the restlessness in my legs back and arms the relief from it is unreal - I can still remember how 'quiet' my body was the first time I took it - for the first time in my life I sat quiet at rest - I didn't sleep that night because I was enjoying not having to move and not being in pain.

    This will get you started:

    If you have any questions ask and I will do my best to answer them.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks so much raffs. Will check out the site and see doc on Friday. Will see what he says after all this. Janet

  • My pleasure.

    I happened across Kratom at a time when I had stopped Tramadol after 8 years cold turkey. I had been demented and the pain and discomfort had me on the edge of tears constantly, (I was too stubborn to leg go and cry). I never had a time like it my whole body was in agony.

    The first evening I took it and WOW! I think I may have shed a few tears of pure joy at the quiet in my body - something I had never felt!

    Unfortunately the British Government is moving to take in new drug legislation which would include Kratom, (in fact it would cover alcohol, tobacco and coffee but they intend to give those, (alcohol and tobacco two of the most harmful drugs used on the planet), an exemption!! Bloody politicians.

    Best of luck.

  • The article you referred to warns against daily use, in fact, recommends once or twice a week. How often do you take it, what dosage, what side effects have you experienced and where do you get it?

  • It warns against daily recreational use. I was taking 5-7 grams daily at about 6pm which took me through the worst of the RLS so I could function with my family. By midnight the RLS was kicking in but my family were in bed so I was able to pace without disturbing anyone, (I could have taken another dose I suppose but I believe in taking as little drugs as I can get away with).

    If you look on erowid, (the number 1 drug information site online imho) there is limited information on problems.

    I used it daily for about a year until I started the Neupro patch and would use it now when I have to so anything strenuous for the day for pain relief instead of RLS.

    It says in the article people using it for pain may need to take it daily. It says is not used daily there is virtually no risk of addiction, anything used regularly by SOME people can result in addiction or habit - look at sugar, coffee, etc.

    If you are genuinely only using it to treat RLS and not to get a buzz, (doses for a buzz are normally higher - I haven't gotten high on it but then I only want to be able to control RLS/pain), then you shouldn't run into problems. Any drug the Dr will prescribe in the opioid range even low dose co-codamol is addictive/habit forming for some.

    From link:

    Is it possible to develop tolerance to kratom?

    Yes. Like many drugs, if kratom is used on a daily basis one will eventually develop some tolerance to its effects and will gradually need to take increasingly larger doses to obtain the same level of effects.

    Our bodies work against any pain drugs and tolerance will always be an issue, however in my personal experience although I had to increase Kratom over a year it was not a huge increase and not as much as prescribed opioids. I also stopped the day I go the Neupro patch with no withdrawals unlike when I stopped Tramadol.

    AS with any drug prescribed or otherwise research plenty:

    Some info about safety:

    There are other members on this forum that use it, (one uses smaller dose than I do but uses it a couple of times a day - I tried that and it didn't work for me so I stuck with the one larger dose), hopefully they will post their experiences.

    Hope that has been of some use, I'll try and answer any other questions you have, (an no I'm not on commission :) ).

  • I've used no drugs except kratom for the last two-and-a-half years. I use it every day. Before I started using it I was only sleeping a couple of hours a night; now I usually sleep 6 -8 hours, although I do wake up several times in the night. I take smaller doses more frequently. I started out taking 4-6 one gram doses in a 24 hour period. Now I take 6-8 grams in 24 hours. I think I've developed a slight tolerance. I also think my RLS has just progressed a bit.

    At any rate, I feel fine almost all the time. My blood pressure has dropped, and my checkup tests are all normal. I take enough kratom to completely control my RLS symptoms. It's been a miracle drug for me.

    Am I addicted to it? Well, I am dependent on it, to relieve me of the torture of RLS. But since I don't plan to stop taking it unless a cure is discovered--or at leave better medications than are available now--I don't see any reason to stop and see if I have withdrawal symptoms.

    Good luck to you.

    Oh, it is outlawed in Ireland, or one of the alkaloids in it is outlawed. A few states have outlawed it in the U.S. but we've been able to keep it legal in the others that have tried. We are organized and vocal, and when politicians understand how safe it is, and how helpful, they back down.

  • Oops. I just looked back and saw you are from Australia. I am pretty sure kratom is currently illegal there--one of the few countries where it is illegal.

  • I looked it up and found that it is Illegal here - Kratom. Must say, it sounds a little bit tempting, but wouldnt know how to get some. See what my doc says!

  • Ireland brought in an 'analogue' law to tackle 'legal highs' and the UK seems set to follow - it seems to have escaped their notice that pushing drugs underground increases the risk to the user and increases the profits of the criminal gangs!

    And people still think governments are out to do the best for the people!

  • Holy crap! I didnt know it was one of 'those sorts of drugs'! No wonder I felt eurphoric most of the day time and awake with rls attacks all nights. Will have a wee yarn with my doc on Friday about this. (I stopped taking Sifrol last night - no different, still had a 3 hour attack of rls and no different today). Phew, this is very testing! Thanks for your info.

  • It's not really 'one of those drugs', many prescription drugs are used to treat ailments - Diazepam, Tramadol, Zimovane yet there are people out there that take higher than prescribed dose to get high.

    I have never gotten a buzz off it as I only use a big enough dose to calm my body

    I know in my region more people abuse and die from prescription/over the counter drugs than illicit or non-prescribed drugs!

  • Raffs - i see that there's many strains of kratom. you've obviously researched - what is the best strain to start on - i read that green or white ??? best for daytime & red for night. What thinkest thou??

  • I've tried several but stuck with Bali or Borneo Red as they are meant to be better for pain. I've tried white and green strains too but to be honest I've not noticed any real difference. Maybe if you are taking really big doses to get high you notice a difference but I've not at the levels I have taken at.

    What I have read is that the extracts that are sold, 10x or 4x are meant to miss out some of what is needed and are commonly used more by those looking a buzz rather than as a medication.

    I used these guys the last time as they were cheapest and supplied in large amounts:

  • Hi topdog01! You are the only Australian I have come across that has RLS...I live in Queensland and I was beginning to think that I was the only one down under that had this exhausting, rotten complaint. Are you taking Valium with the Sifrol? I have just read that Sifrol (Pramipexole) really only lasts for 3 months which is very disappointing. I am at my wits end too and I am going on a cruise for 2 weeks to NZ in 6 days....I desperately want to get better.

  • I'm on the Gold Coast & have sufferd since I was a kid. I always thought it was growing pain untill I mentioned it to my dr about 5 years ago & he said u have RLS. It's really common. I am on tramadol & sifrol for 1 yr ok but it isn't working anymore. Now I get it in my arm & torso. I'm about to go for another test trial on another drug.

  • I left a long message yesterday but it didn't go through. I had such high hopes of Sifrol being the wonder cure (not that there is one) but at least have some relief. Last night was the 2nd night that I have really slept well in a couple of months so I am grateful for that. I live on the Gold Coast too.

  • Spudellen, it all depends on the individual on how long Pramipexole works for. Some its a few months, and augmentation can set in, others can go years taking Pramipexole.. Just remember to keep that dose low, no higher than .25mg. I hope you enjoy the cruise, i am jealous. :)

  • I am truly hoping that Pramipexole (Sifrol) keeps working for me. I am taking Maxolon tabs and if I get too seasick I also have injections; the latter is always in my handbag because I had a fundoplication some years ago which renders one unable to vomit. See Doc tomorrow and will check that it is still OK to take it. Thanks again for replying

  • Hi . Sifrol workedc for 6 wonderful weeks and now every night I'm suffering worse. Sometimes 2 attacks per night. I talk 10 mg Valium and 2panadeine forte. Don't know what to do next. Doc on Friday. So tired fighting off attacks which each last 2 or 3 hours and can't sleep. Whe sleep comes I'm awaken by very scary nightmares. I live in Launceston. New Zealand is a good place to be unwell. Was there many years ago and was quite ill, but was holed up in a beautiful place! Hope that makes sense! I wish you a wonderful trip and just try to focus on that for now. I'm. Off to bed and try to get in at least 2houra tonight.

  • That's the same for sifrol for me. I now get it in my arms & torso & it's painful often lasting hours.

  • I have had two wonderful nights of sleep...I'll take that. We are all desperate people fighting this wretched thing. There is an Australian Forum for RLS but it is a bit hard to manoeuvre through. ...this is a good website that has a lot of helpful advice. I am just hoping I can get through this cruise that we are going on Sunday for two weeks. Maybe this was not a good idea going on to Dopamine agonist drugs.

  • Please enjoy your Cruise. Sounds so nice to go away. Maybe things will be better away than at home! Good luck. Janet

  • Thanks topdog01...just lets hope I don't get seasick this time. Just going to rest, relax and sleep at night I hope without RLS. Sally

  • Oh ugg. seasickness is awful. If you are thinking of taking any seasickness pills be careful what you take. Some can make RLS worse. Those that make you drowsy, have anti-histamine in them, are ones to avoid.

  • Have you tried any other meds? I'm so sorry for your pain. I understand.

  • I was where you are in 2002. I had not slept more than a few min for years. When I confided in a doctor friend that I was at the end of my rope, she got bust helping me find a way to cope. It is a never ending process. RLS or whole body restlessness is for the rest of your life. Take Maripex first and when the dose gets so large you have dreams while awake, change to time release Requip and along with it take various doses of Gabapentin as needed. Gabapentin comes in 300 mg capsules and you can take loads of it and won't hurt you.

    Take a Vicodin along with it the last dose of the day and get some rest. If daytime sleepiness continues get some of the Provigil generic Modanifil and stay alert a half day and then take some more.

    Don't be bashful with you Doc. Speak up and help with your own treatment. The most that can happen is you have to get another Doc. It is your health and your body, take charge.


  • Windwalker I have written all that information down. Thanks

  • If I hadn't have gone off the Norspan patch I don't think I would be in the mess I am in today. ...augmentation coming off that was atrocious with RLS. At least I could control my RLS with Valium and Stilnox (Zolpidem). I am going to stay on the lowest dose of Sifrol and then see if I can get back on to the Norspan patch.

  • How much Valium do you take? Do you take it regularly, or just when an 'episode' occurs. And what is Norspam? I went off Sifrol cold turkey and no difference. Janet

  • I had to look up what the Norspan patch was, its a opiod med. Augmentation only applies to the dopamine meds, not to any pain meds. :)

  • Thanks for that Elisse.....good to know that. I guess it was just a coincidence then but it sure was a doozey and at least I do have some relief with Sifrol and Lyrica. Thanks for replying.

  • You are right about the nightmares topdog01. I had a really horrible one last night. It is too awful to write about on this post.

  • Yes spudellen. My nightmares are made of reAlly scary stuff. My son has often been awoken with my screaming and it frightens him too. I'm starting up tai chi again and think it will benefit me. Can't go out, so hope I've got the self discipline needed to get me going at home......Janet

  • Tai Chi is relaxing so maybe it will help. Let's hope so

  • Doesn't sound good. Keep your chin up and keep fighting. Don't let it beat you. There are people out here who care!!!!!

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