Can't be psychological?!?!

Hi everyone I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on this.

I've suffered with RLS for over 10 years now, the symptoms have been particularly bad for the past 3 years. I've tried most alternative remedies but nothing has worked & I don't want to take medication.

I've recently returned from a holiday abroad & not once did I have any symptoms at night! The night I returned the symptoms started again. I've always been adamant that my symptoms are not psychological & still believe that to be the case. The only thing I can think of is maybe the heat helped with the symptoms?

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Could the symptoms be psychological as I'm starting to doubt myself now.

Thank you x

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  • That is really interesting that your symptoms went into remission on your vacation, but I surely don't think it means that your RLS is psychological. I don't know any doctor these days who would even suggest that. For one thing, it's clearly heriditary in many instances. I know that both of my daughters have it as well.

    I use kratom to control my symptoms. It's a powdered leaf from a kratom tree is southeast Asia that works like a mild opioid. You can order it from the Internet.

  • I know that, for me, being overtired or stressed can make the RLS worse. Possibly being on holiday meant you got more rest during the day so you weren't so tired at night. Just a thought!

  • Might consider how your diet changed while on vacation, were you walking more, swimming, whatever?

  • I drank more & ate junk...maybe that's the way forward!!! :-)

  • Har har, har!!!!

  • I'm depressed and I have RLS. I've been visiting a psychologist because of the depression. Althought he didn't tell me explicitly, I know he always thought that my RLS was psychological. Maybe it is his job to think so, but he's quite an expert and I kind of believe him.

  • RLS is NOT psychological. Its neurological. Depressing can come from not sleeping because of the RLS. Or did you have depression before RLS..? Are you taking any meds at the moment for your RLS..? Or any other meds for other ailments.

  • Thank you for all your replies. I'm really baffled by it all. I've heard electrolytes can help so I've started them & will see how I go.

    I tried heat pads on my legs as I wondered if the heat abroad eliviated so of the problems, unfortunately that didn't work.

    I'm going to look at my diet & maybe do some more exercise.

    Think it's going to be a process of elimination & experimentation. What works for some doesn't work for others. x

  • You are not wrong LouiseAnnH, it is a process of elimination and experimentation and that is where I am now.

  • Hi, Just a couple of thoughts on 'psychological' aspect of rls. I seem to be in remission from rls at the minute whether the remission is spontaneous or my home treatments worked I dont know. I developed rheumatroid arthritis in my feet a year ago and as the pain from this increased I am not so aware of rls. The difference is that the pain from ra is like a bad toothache in my feet and I can treat it fairly successfully. The sensation from rls made me think of being poked with a cattle prod. Its like a jolt to the brain that is a kind of torture and more distressing so I do believe it is neurological. I hope it doesnt return anytime soon. I would say that I noticed that sometimes an unusual happening or diversion would at times postpone the onset of the rls as though that part of my brain had been taken over by something else. Please excuse amateur psychology. If home remedies did help rls i think iron 200mg and 1/2 fizzy orange vit C tab taken on an empty stomach at least 1 hour before bed helped. Also I recruited old Cleo electrical facial stimulation pads that diverted the sensation while i was using them and stopped me banging my head off the wall. It is indeed a complex problem. All the very best in finding something that helps you.

  • Although I thought this in the past I definitely don't believe RLS is psychological, not when you wake up with RLS body movement raging through your body. When you are on holidays you are in a relaxed mode and I believe relaxing does help but in no ways a cure. As Elisse is a Neurological problem.

  • It's not psychological but being in a different or exciting place takes your mind off it so less stress. When you get home you're back to familiar surroundings plus the stress of what is to come. I've turned a perfectly good night in to a nightmare just by worrying what is to come. Sometimes we don't even realise we are stressing.

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